Thursday, July 30, 2009

Challenge #8 Results: The Purple Puffles Win!

This was defiantly one interesting week. Ratings were raised. An alliance was made. Deals were set. Two completely different people from the bottom and top of the food change actually shared a friendship. And an orange dude learned a new hair flip. What else could you ask for?
The challenge went pretty smothly, well for the audience! Since too many people were randomly hopping into the game, we had to do one on one matches. Some did good, some did bad. Bob didn't stay alive for more than five seconds when he was facing Slider. Zxz192 seemed to dominate the game. Saavy was locked outside of the igloo for most of the challenge, and Bruen once again didn't show. Polar Amigo wished for BBQ chips, and Musicbub failed to understand the game. Hedgehog once again didn't show up because she is on vacation, and Molly did only an average job. But in the end it was Agent who truely won it for the Puffles.
ROUND 1: Bob61732 VS Slider94: Slider94 won
ROUND 2: Polar Amigo VS Kyo100: Polar Amigo wins
ROUND 3: Da Gamer VS Sebastian: Da Gamer won
ROUND 4: Isildor124 VS Mr. Acd: Mr Acd won
ROUND 5: Flower VS Musicbub: Flower won
ROUND 6: Agent2310 VS Laura: Laura won
ROUND 7: Bpolar12 VS (can't remember his name): Bpolar12 won
ROUND 7: Molly222 VS Zxz192: Zxz192 won
Since it was a tie, like Hunters and Hiders a tie breaker was held.
Molly222, Agent2310 and Flower
Zxz192, Sebastian7 and Slider94
In the end Agent2310 pulled through and hit Zxz192, winning the Puffles the challenge.
The Beastly Bunnies faith is in the hands of Molly222, the captian of the Puffles. Will she chose Slider94 the friendlist dude you can know, Hedgehog 14 who has been on vacation, Saavy who got locked out of the challenge or Zxz192, the unstoppable team captian.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Talk Show: Episode #6!

Gapboy plays with his pokemon toys... Agent cheers in his cheerleader uniform... Polar Amigo eats his BBQ chips... It was the sixth episode of the Talk Show, and things were more dramatic than ever.
A large flat screen TV flew down from the ceiling, with the words "The Talk Show Episode 6!" on it. Polar Amigo runs out of the room looking for popcorn backstage, and the show begins.
Frosty and Lil Mock run onto stage, smirking an waving to the audience. Frostylittle takes a seat, flips his hair and winks at the audience. The audience screams with joy and reaches onto the stage trying to touch Frosty and his replacement co-host.

Frostylittle: Welcome to the sixth episode of the Talk Show! I'm Frostylittle, a dude with a great body and awesome hair. Today I'm here with Lil Mock 11, the third evicted from Neighborhood Survival. Say hi to the audience Lil Mock!
Lil Mock looks out to the large crowd, and with a little stage fright waves.

Lil Mock 11: Aaah... Hi audience!
The audience laughs and cheer on for the show to start.

Frostylittle: Today we have the youngest member of Neighborhood Survival. This little dude happens to be my brother, and hes only six! Please welcome in...
Frostylittle looks over to Lil Mock.

Lil Mock 11: GAPBOY999! WOOT!
As the audience claps, a pokeball flies down from the cold ceiling. It hits and ground hardly and a huge puff of smoke covers the stage. Frosty and Lil Mock cough, and Gapboy emerges from the shadows of the fog.

Frostylittle: COUGH! COUGH! Wow... What an entrance! HELLO GAPBOY!!!!
The audience stands to their feet and screams for the short kid, and he high fives Lil Mock.

Lil Mock 11: Alright Gapboy, our first question for you is...
Frostylittle gets gets a little jealous of Lil Mock taking the limelight, so he cuts him off.

Frostylittle: Why do you like Pokemon so much?
Lil Mock gives look.

Gapboy: Cause...
Gapboy starts the day dream.

Lil Mock: Gapboy! Wake up little guy!
Gapboy wakes up from his two second nap, and looks over to the door. There was no security, so nothing could stop him from...

Gapboy999: POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!
He leaps off his chair and pushes Frosty and Lil Mock out of the way. He jumps off the stage and runs to the exit, holding up a pokeball. Zxz192, Penny, Da Gamer and Mathew chase after him. Frosty, Lil Mock and the entire audience sit jaw~dropped, not able to understand what just happened.

Frostylittle: Ya... Um...
Frosty looks over to Lil Mock.

Lil Mock 11: Hey, its your show!
Lil Mock walks off to the backstage set.

Frostylittle: Um, what know?
Polar Amigo runs onto the stage, carrying abut a hundred bags of popcorn.

Frosty rolls his eyes.

Frostylittle: Ok, good for you...
Polar Amigo drops the popcorn.

Polar Amigo: I have an idea! WE CAN WATCH A MOVIE!!!!
The entire audience cheers.

Frosty grins.

Frostylittle: But, I can't find the remote for this TV.
The audience sighs.

The audience: Aw...
Polar Amigo pulls a remote out of his pocket.

Polar Amigo: OH! OH! I HAVE A REMOTE! I bring one with me EVERY WHERE! I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF TV!!! YES!
The audience claps.

Frostylittle: But... So... Ok fine! Lets rent a movie!
The audience starts cheering and gets comftably as Polar hands out popcorn.

Polar Amigo: OH! Lets rent What Happens in Yeti! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!
Frosty shrugs.

Frostylittle: Thats fine with me!
He reaches for a handfull of popcorn and the show ends.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, July 27, 2009

Challenge #8: Dodgeball!

The eighth challenge of this season is the classic game of dodgeball. Once again it will be a team challenge, Beastly Bunnies VS Purple Puffles. Instead of using actual dodgeballs, we will be using snowballs, but the rules remain simple. The object of the game is to get the opponents entire team out by throwing a snowball right on top of them. Only I am allowed to call a player out, and when I do you are not allowed to continue the game until the player goes to the bench. If you want to catch a snowball, wave your hand RIGHT WHEN A SNOWBALL hits you, and this will allow one benched player to come back in the game. This will be a best out of five game, and who ever wins this challenge will not only be safe from elimination, but will have the power to send home ANYONE they want on the losing team! So there will be no voting for this week, and the cost of losing is greater than ever. Only the official team captians (Molly222 or Zxz192) are allowed to send home one of the other team's teamates, but it might be wise to discuss it with your teamates at the meeting! Below is the challenge's information and the meetings information.
When: 4:00 pm Estern Time/ 1:00 pm CP Timezon
WHERE: At my igloo
SERVER: Ice Palace
DAY: Thursday
WHERE: Slider94's Chat Box and at the Forest on the Server Ice Palace
WHEN: 12:00 pm estern time/ 9:00 pm CP timezon
DAY: Wensday
Since Saavy is unable to come to any meetings on chat, I've also schuduled a place on Club Penguin to meet and talk about the meeting with Saavy.
WHERE: Molly222's Chat Box
WHEN: 12:00 pm estern time/ 9:00 pm CP Timezon
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. If you are my buddy on Club Penguin, you might be able to get a sneak peak of my igloo tommorow!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Penguin Award Ceremony #7!

Hello Purple Puffles!
Welcome to the seventh penguin award ceremony of the season. This will be the third Award Ceremony together as a team, and one of you will be joining your ex teamates Da Gamer and Polar Amigo as the seven losers of Neighborhood Survival. Molly, Bruen, Gapboy and Bob, all of you have made it through seven challenges. But one of you will not be joining your teamates in the final seven of Neighborhood Survival, and you'll be known as the seven losers of the competition. Its time for the firsr Penguin Award of the day, and it goes to...
Molly222! You will be in the final seven!

This next penguin award goes to a competitor everyone thinks doesn't deserve it. Someone who is said to be the worst in NS, and is also the worst in challenges. The Award is for... Bob!
Bob and Molly exchange a high five.
Now its down to Bruen5, the baseball player and Gapboy999, the young player. Since it was a tie, I had to call in Agent, Hedgehog 14 and Maggums. You are both CPN Team members, and one of you will be evicted from Neighborhood Survival forever. The last Penguin Award goes to...

Bruen5 smirks.
Gapboy999's eyes get watery.
They both look at each other and smile, remembering the great times they had.
Bruen5, you will be joining Molly and Bob in the final seven!

That means that Gapboy999, is the seventh evicted from the neighborhood. This young competitor has made many friends and will always be remembered. His happy personality lights up the the team, and will put a smile on anyone's face. Gapboy had a god run in this game, and never gathered up a vote until this day. Only one vote will sepearare Gapboy and Bruen's faight. Sadly you'll be joining Uncle Sonic, Snowbuddy555, Lil Mock 11, Polar Amigo, Da Gamer and Outtacntrll as the seven losers of Neighborhood Survival.
Congratulations to Zxz192, Saavy, Hedgehog 14, Bob61732, Slider94, Molly222 and Bruen5 for making it to the top seven of NS! Be sure to leave a comment congratulating them!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Challenge #7 Results: Beastly Bunnies Win!

After a full hour of running around the island trying to knock each other out, the Beastly Bunnies pulled through and won once again.

Zxz192, the Beastly Bunnies new team captain did a great job in rounding up players. He gather up about ten people from the Club Penguin Gang Army, which he is one of the leaders in. The army recruits new exactly who to go after and played the game fair and strong. They were the biggest reason the Bunnies won.

The under appreciated Purple Puffles did their worst in this challenge. They only had one recruit who wasn't part of the team, and they're chance at victory seemed impossible. Bruen5 didn't show up, Bob61732 had no instrument and Gapboy999 was too young to understand the challenge. Molly had made an entire plan to defeat the Bunnies, but since Bruen5 didn't show up it didn't work.

Up above is the plan map forthe Puffles. Molly came up with three plans, and ones that actually could have worked if Bruen5 had shown up. Her first plan was for Bob to lur in the huge crowd of Bunnies to go underground, and Bruen5, Gapboy999 and herself would wait in the Mine and take out each one by one. If or when the Bunnies figured out that plan, they would only fight on top floors of rooms, which also involved Bob lurring penguins in.

With the help of Saavy, Zxz192 started a party at his igloo. All of the Bunnies and Puffles showed up, and things seemed to be a lot of fun.
Purple Puffles, its time to vote. Who do you want to evict from Neighborhood Survival for good? Will it be Molly for being a bad team captian? Bob for not having an instrument? Bruen5 for not showing up at the meeting or the challenge? Or Gapboy for being too young to understand anything.
Chose wisely!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kyo100's Birthday Party Highlights!

Kyo100's Birthday Bash was HUGE! Sadly thought, Kyo100 didn't show up himself and missed the entire party. Below are some of the highlights of the party:

Before the party started, Molly222, Agent2310, Slider94, Hedgehog14, Mryomma, me and a huge group of other CPN fans where sitting at the plaza waiting for Kyo100 to arrive. Once everyone relized he wasn't coming any time soon, we threw our own party for Kyo, even though he never showed up!

After that we went to the Ice Burg and partied there. People kept yelling "Add me Frosty" and "Your all orange!" to me, which got annoying after a while! (No wonder Mimo777 doesn't answer everyone's questions!) Since Polar Amigo wasn't getting any credit, Myromma thought of this idea that would help him and convinced a few other penguins to yell "POLAR AMIGO ROCKS!" which made people believe he was famous.
Towards the end Cena12121 showed up, and got as he says "Fan Attacked" by the members of the party! People kept asking to add him and to send them a postcard. I don't think he really added anyone...
Below is the list of penguins you may know who showed up.
Cena12121 (Showed up late)
Hedgehog 14
Polar Amigo
Penny Mickey
Da Gamer (He was late)
I think this blog might start having parties...
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Talk Show: Episode 5!

The last shut off... The curtains unrolled... The giant TV turned on... It was time for the fifth episode of the Talk Show, and nobody knew what was next...
The TV turned on, and bubbling water appeared. The water started to bubble rougher and grew higher as the scary music played. It turned an orange like colors and bursted out from underneath the ground, revealed Frostylittle walked out from this giant, orange gusher. He took a step forward, stopped in a calm way, flipped his hair and winked at the camera. The audience laughed and applaud their favorite Talk Show host.
The music than turned from dramatic and creepy to calm and relaxing, and the name "Da gamer" flew across the screen in bright red letters. The screen revealed him lying in his tight room, with hundreds of video game screens around him. Each screen had the word "Game Complete" in it, which made Da Gamer even more bored looking. He had beat every video game there ever was, and it seemed his life was miserably complete.

Creepy Voice: This summer...
The voice sounded old and scratchy.

Creepy Voice: From the network that brought you the last four episodes of the Talk Show, they bring one more to the table...
Zxz192 grabs the popcorn from Saavy, and they both appeared wide-eyed.

Creepy Voice: Da Gamer will finally meet his match... Frostylittle will learn a new hair flip...
The screen starts to show a chase scene from the git movie Scream, and the music starts to get more epic.
Creepy Voice: When these two people meet, we have made a new Logan for it... A Logan so under used, nobody will see it coming...
Sebastian7 and Himskater both look at each other and gasped.
Creepy Voice: We like to call it...
Frostylittle runs threw the audience and hops on the stage.
Frostylittle: The fifth episode of The Talk Show!
The lights turn on and everyone claps in reveal for the orange host. Frostylittle takes a seat in his purple chair, and sips a cup of Coffee.

Frostylittle: WHATS UP PENGUINS!!!!!!! I'm Frostylittle, your attractive host and President of Club Penguin Neighborhood!
A few of the girls in the audience giggle.
Frostylittle: Today lets welcome in a very... Game obsessed special guest. This dude owns a PSP, a Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS, a Gameboy, X Box360 and all of those other games I do not own! Please welcome in, the fifth evicted from Neighborhood Survival... DA GAMER!!!!!!!
Da Gamer slowly walks out onto the stage playing his PSP, than tosses it out into the audience. It hits Bob on his head, and causes his unconsciousness. He waves and frowns as he takes a seat in the Seat if Shame.

Frostylittle: Hello Da Gamer other wise known as Matt James! Whats up?
Da Gamer points to the cealing.
Da Gamer: The sky! Ha ha!
Slider, Incredible and Gapboy laugh but everyone else remains silent.
Frostylittle: Ya... Funny... Lets begin!
Da Gamer knods in agreement. Frostylittle pulls out a sheet and reads the first question off of it.
Frostylittle: My first question for you is... What was the worst thing that happened to you in Neighborhood Survival?
Da Gamer lookes over to Bob, who is holding an icepack on his head.
Da Gamer: Getting voted off by... Noobs! Cough cough... Bob... AHEM!
Bob stands up and tosses his ice pack on the ground.

Bob61732: I HEARD THAT!
Da Gamer rolls his eyes.

Frostylittle: What was the best thing that happened to you?
Da Gamer thinks for a moment and answers.

Da Gamer: My Birthday Party on CP, all of my best friends came. Good times...
Frostylittle smirks.
Frostylittle: True that! Who were your closest friends in Neighborhood Survival?
Da Gamer pulls out a picture of Slider, Hedgehog and him all posing in an NS photo shoot.

Da Gamer: Slider94 and Hedgehog. They have always been there for me, and are my closest friends. Go win NS for me guys!
Molly is seen hiding the water in her eyes.

Frostylittle: Ok! Who were your biggest enemies?
Da Gamer grins.

Da Gamer: Bob or whatever that stupid noob is! I HATE HIM!
Frostylittle pushes his chair back a little.
Frostylittle: Hey dude, can you please say something besides noob? Its getting a little old!
Da Gamer smirks.

Da Gamer: Fine, hes a loser!
Bruen5, Molly222, Gapboy and Bob all gasp at their ex-teamate's comment.
Frostylittle: If you could chose which team you could be on, would you stick with the Puffles? Why or why not?
Da Gamer thinks for a moment.
Da Gamer: Hmm... Well if I chose the Bunnies I would be the first voted off. Its true, I know it. But since I got betrayed by the so called kind Molly222 when she said this "Da Gamer, your a worst team player than Polar Amigo!" Yup thats what she said to me! HARSH! Thats why I would have chose the Bunnies, because Molly just ticked me off so badly!
Frostylittle smirks.

Frostylittle: But the main reason you got voted off was because of your lack of Purple Puffle team spirit. To be honest, I saw it coming.
Da Gamer shrugged.
Frostylittle: Who do you think is the best player in Neighborhood Survival right now?
Da Gamer points to Saavy, Slider and Zxz192.

Da Gamer: I'm gonna have to say Slider, Zxz or Saavy. They all rock.
Zxz and Saavy exchange a high five.

Frostylittle: Who do you think is getting the boot next?
Da Gamer smiles.

Da Gamer: Outtacntrll. Even though he thinks that Slider was found first and deserves to go, I don't agree with him. He room hoped and in my book, thats cheating!
Frostylittle leans back in his chair.

Frostylittle: Yah but I call the shots and in my book, thats fair!
Outtacntrll smiles in the audience.

Da Gamer: Whatever...
Frostylittle hops off his chair.

Frostylittle: OK! Its time for yet another new feature of the Talk Show I like to call "RANDOM Questions!" In this special feature, four lucky audience members will come to the stage and ask Da Gamer here, a random question! Understand?
Da Gamer nods.

Frostylittle: Himskater! Your the first up!
Himskater walks out onto the stage laughing and waving.

Da Gamer: Hi Himskater.
Himskater gives Frosty and Da Gamer a high five.

Himskater: Hey guys. I'm so siked to be here. I love this show!
Frostylittle hands the microphone to Himskater.

Frostylittle: Who doesn't! So whats your question for Da Gamer?
Himskater thinks for a moment than asks...

Himskater: How many times on Halloween have you gave your mom a lemon?
Da Gamer laughs at his question.
Da Gamer: Aaah... Twenty Times! Just kidding!
Himskater smiles.
Frostylittle: Next up is Slider! Get up here dude!
Slider runs onto the stage and smiles.
Slider94: My question is how many times do you blink a day?
Da Gamer smirks.
Da Gamer: Probably around 100,000 times! Ha ha!
Slider laughs.
Frosylittle: Alright by Slider! Next up is... Bob... This is gonna be good!
Bob slowly walks up onto the stage.
Bob61732: Hi Frosty!
Bob gives Da Gamer a dirty look.
Frostylittle: Whats your question Bob? We're running out of time!
Bob looks over to Da Gamer.
Bob61732: Da Gamer, why are you so dang ugly? Haven't you ever heard of a face removal?
Da Gamer grins with anger.
Da Gamer: I have three answers. First of all, thats what SHE said! Secondly you just want my good looks don't you Bob!?!?!
Frostylittle and Bob both start laughing.
Da Gamer: SSH! I'm not done yet! Why are you saying I'm ugly? Your the naked penguin!
Da Gamer points at him and laughs.
Bob61732: Well, maybe you should take this card.
Bob tosses Da Gamer a card as he walks off stage. The card says "Dr. Kearns, Face Removel Service. Call us Now!"
Frostylittle: The last one up is my little bro, Gapboy999!
A few of the audience members scream for Gapboy as he walks up on stage.
Gapboy999: The Gamer, my question is...
Da Gamer stops him.
Da Gamer: Its Da Gamer, not The Gamer!
Gapboy rolls his eyes.
Gapboy999: Do zebras rellay smell funny?
Da Gamer smiles.
Da Gamer: Why don't you go smell one for yourself. That should answer your question!
Gapboy waves and walks off stage.
Frostylittle: Well, thats the end of our show! Tune in next week for...
Da Gamer interupts him.
Da Gamer: Wait I just want to describe hw I feel about some people in Neighborhood Survival. Is that ok?
Frostylittle sighs.
Frostylittle: Fine but if my Coffee gets cold, your buying me another one!
Da Gamer knods.
Da Gamer: Ok I well. This is what I think of everyone: Saavy is an awesome CPG Mod.
Saavy gives him a thumbs up.
Da Gamer: Zxz is doing great at Neighborhood Survival. Slider94 is cool! Outtacntrll is good at NS challenges.
Outta, Slider and Zxz smile.
Da Gamer: Frostylittle, your awesome!
Frosty blushes.
Frostylittle: I know! ;]
The audience laughs.
Da Gamer: Molly222 is nice, but not to me... Gapboy999 just loves pokemon! Bruen5 always has his friends backs. Hedgehog is a great friend and... Bob, is just stupid!
Bob rolls his eyes.
Frostylittle: Alrighty than! Tune in next time for another episode of...
Frosty points to the audience.
The Audience: THE TALK SHOW!!! WOOT! WOOT!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, July 20, 2009

Challenge #7: Battle of the Bands!

The seven challenge of Neighborhood Survival is a very important one to win. The penguins who move on past this challenge will have made it to the half way point of Neighborhood Survival, and will always be remembered in the limelight. The seven losers who will not make it to the final 7 will often have their names forgotten and will be known as the Seven Losers...
This challenge of NS involves two well known things on Club Penguin: armies and bands. Since it is Music Jam week and its my favorite party I thought it would be cool to have a Music based challenge. Unlike Party Planner, the key to winning isn't who gets the most people to join their band/army, but which team knocks out all of the other teams penguins first. If your in or a leader (Zxz192) of some Club Penguin army, you'll probably have an advantage in this challenge.
This is how the challenge works. Each team needs a home base that MUST BE some where on the CP island. (It can't be in the HQ, Box Dimension, the secret Ninjas Hideout or in an igloo) There, they can drag penguins on the other team back who have been knocked out. To Knock out a penguin, simply stand on top of them and play your instrument. (Boom Boxes count as instruments) To tell them your Home Base's location, send them a postcard telling them to go there. Once there, they will be held prisoner by one of the teammates who captured them. The prisoners are not allowed to talk or scream help, BUT there are a few other ways to tell your team the other team's home base...(You can think of them!) If you want to rescue your captured teammate, find the other team's home base, stand on top of the penguin you want free and wave. Which ever team captures all of the other team's penguins wins the challenge and will be safe from elimination. A good idea is to make some kind of plan that will help you gain an advantage for this game.
WHEN: This Upcoming Thursday
WHERE: Ice Palace, meet up at my igloo
TIME: 4:00pm Estern Time/ 1:00pm CP Timezon

Molly222's Chat Box, at 12:00 pm eastern time/ 9:00 CP Timezone on this upcoming Wensday.

Slider94's Chat Box, at 12:00 pm eastern time/ 9:00 CP Timezone on this upcoming Wensday.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Everyone give a warm congratulations to the new Beastly Bunnies captain, Zxz192! That was a great choice for this challenge because he is one of the main leaders of CPGA Army!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kyo100's Birthday Party!

Hi People!
This upcoming Wensday is Kyo100 Birthday party! He's a good friend of mine who loves to hang out on CP, and is he is also going to be in Hollywood Survival. He's turning eleven, and I decieded to throw him a Birthday Bash! This will be the first CPN Party EVER, so it would be really cool if everyone from Neighborhood Survival showed up. If you come, be sure to send him a postcard wishing him a happy Birthday! Below is the directions for the party:
WHEN: Wensday, July 22nd, 2009
WHERE: Ice Palace, at Kyo's igloo
TIME: 4:00pm CP Timezon/7:00pm Eastern Time
So, are you coming?
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Penguin Award Ceremony #6!

Hello Beastly Bunnies, and welcome to your second Penguin Award Ceremony as a team. Last time, you lost the tough Lil Mock, but this time your going to lose an even tougher competitor. All of you are considered the best competitors, but sometimes being a strong player isn't always an advantage. Compared to the Puffles who work together great, you guys aren't the best team. Zxz192 and Saavy, you guys work together great. But do you with your other fellow teamates? Hedgehog, Slider, you two also work together well. That leaves Outtacntrll, the strongest competitor in Neighborhood Survival to be the lone wolf of the Beastly Bunnies...
So the first penguin award goes to, Hedgehog!
Saavy and Zxz, you guys get one too!
That leaves Outtacntrll and Slider94. You two are very close friends outside of Neighborhood Survival, but inside things are different. One of you will be leaving NS forever, never to return to the Neighborhood again.
The LAST penguin award of the day goes to...
Slider's eyes widden. Outta grins.
Slider94, you are save from elimination, for now!
That means that Outtacntrll, considered by many as the toughest competitor in Neighborhood Survival is shockingly the sixth evicted. This tough penguin set a record of winning two challenges in a row, which may be hard to beat. This truely shows that team work is the current ticket in winning challenges. Since Outta was the team captian, the Bunnies now have to elect a new one. So Beastly Bunnies, leave a comment voting who you want as your new team captian.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Since its going to be a very busy week ahead of me, I'll have to post Da Gamer's Talk Show on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Becaming a CPN Mod!

Want to became a CPN Mod and go where no other NS fan has gone? Just follow my detailed guide bellow and join in on the fun!
~What CPN Mods do~
CPN Moderators do a little more than answering questions people ask. They comment as much as they can, treat everyone kind and always leave a comment responding to the post. The more you do this, the higher your rank goes up! Sometimes when there is some kind of CPN event going on and there are a lot of people in the chat box, I might ask a few mods to help me answer some of their questions!
~How do I became a CPN Mod?~
Easy! Just leave a comment saying you want in with your penguin name and blog. That way, people will know who you are and where you come from. If you don't have a blog, tell me! Once you do that, just start commenting! But, you'll get added to the mod list once I think your ready! The mod list is on the right sidebar of this blog, under Bruen5's picture.
~How do I higher my mod rank?~
Like Chrisdog's blog, it might be a little hard for you to get on the mod list. But keep trying! If you want to higher your rank, comment as MUCH AS POSSIBLE! But remember, the mod chart will go up and down fast on this blog!
~What are the benefits in becaming a Mod?~
There are a ton of benefits in becaming a mod on this blog. First off, I automatically add all of the mods to my buddy list. The top three mods will be informed NS challenges extra early, will be saved a spot in Hollywood Survival, can email me ANY QUESTION they want (I will email you back!) and will help in making this blog! If your in or were in Neighborhood Survival and are one of the top 3 mods, you will be saved a spot in All-Star Survival (season 3 of NS!) If you reach the rank of a CPN Mod, you'll get a coin code!
1.Treat everyone fair and with respect.
2. Once your a mod, EVERY TIME YOU COMMENT put "Your Name" (CPN Mod) at the end of it.
3. Some small but helpfull ways in rising your mod rank is to congratulate contest winners, be extra kind to everyone and comment a lot!
4.Don't get angry if your mod status moves down, that will happen a lot on this site.
5.If you have been on the Mod List for a while, it will make rising your rank a little easier.
6. Be sure to answer people's questions CORRECTLY! Answering one wrong might lower your mod status!
I'll be posting the Talk Show tommorow. Sorry for everyone who has been waiting to read it, but I'm feeling a little under the weather today!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Beastly Bunnies, a lot of you still have to vote!

Challenge #6 Results: The Purple Puffles Win!

After almost a complete hour and a half of battling, the Purple Puffles finally pulled threw and won for the second time ever.

Gapboy999 was the first to be found by Saavy and Zxz192. He was hiding outside of the Mine, right underneath the the blue bar that allows penguins to talk. If you look closely, you can see the tip of his hat less head. He didn't seem to mind getting tagged out, and went directly to my igloo.

Slider94 was the first penguin to be found by Molly222 and Bruen5. He was hiding inside the Mine, and like Gapboy was under the blue bar. However, you could hardly see the tip of his head which made his hiding spot extra hard. He was some what sad he got out, but played fairly and went back to my igloo.

Outtacntrll was the only hider who hopped from room to room. He was seen is the Book Room, the Stage, the Soccer Pitch and possibly in the Pool room. He usually hid under the talking bar or behind an object in the room that hide him completely, like a tree. He was "found" by Molly, but since there was a glitch in club penguin, it seemed like he was standing in the middle of the Soccer Pitch but he was actually behind a tree.

Bob was shockingly the only hider who was not found. He was hiding in the Box Dimension, in the very corner of the room. Saavy and Zxz never expected this and were both aggravated with themselves. He truely took victory for the Puffles.
But because of the glitch that happened to Outta, the Bunnies demanded a tie breaker. So, each team had to chose one competitor who would face the other in Sled Racing and Card Jitsu. The Bunnies chose Outtacntrll, and Bob demanded that he would play. In the end Bob defeated Outta in both Sled Racing and Card Jitsu, which was the real key to winning.
So Bunnies, who do you vote off Neighborhood Survival?
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Chat Has Been Moved!

Just to let everyone know, the chat box is no longer on the bottom of this page. Now, you can find it on its own page, so it will be less annoying to read a post. I've provided all of the different sections of the site right below the CPN banner, which will be your ticket to the Chat Box! Keep refreshing the page if you can't see the links above because they will eventually show! This is part of the CPN construction!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

This blog is Under Construction!

Hi guys!
You all probably seen the new sidebar we added to the left side of this blog. Well thats one of the many things the CPN team is adding to this blog! For this weekend and this weekend only, Club Penguin Neighborhood will be going threw its first remolding phase! The CPN Team is going to work together to make this blog more fun and easier to use! But no worries NS neighbors, the competition is still on and I will still be posting under this construction.
I'm sorry to say but this week's Talk Show will be delayed until tommorow.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. When the construction ends, all of the trackers should work again!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenge #6: Hunters and Hiders!

This weeks challenge is pretty similar to the original game of Hide and go Seek. But there some major differences. For this challenge to work, the teams will be split up into groups of 2 or 3, but remember this is still a team game! There will be hunters and hiders on each team. The hunter's job is to find the hiders on the opposite team, who are allowed to hide ANY WHERE (besides igloos) around the Club Penguin island. The hiders job is to carefully hide some where around Club Penguin and try not to be spotted! The only way to get a hider out is to stand next to him or her and wave your hand. This indicates that the hider is out and will be sent to jail. The jail is none other than my igloo, which will be open on the map. But you can not leave the jail until the challenge is over, and your teamates are not allowed to rescue the jail mates!
Whatever hunters find all of the hiders on the other team win the challenge and safety for the week. But in order for it to work, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIND THE HIDERS BY USING YOUR BUDDY LIST So play fair!

Below are the Beastly Bunnies hunters:
Below are the Beastly Bunnies hiders:

Below are the Purple Puffles hunters:
Below are the Purple Puffle hiders:

SERVER: Ice Palace

DAY: Thursday, 7/16/09

Time: 12:00pm Estern Time/ 9:00 CP Timezon

Penguins who are not on either of the teams are allowed to help out, but true hunters can only send people to jail.

-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Penguin Award Ceremony #5!

Hello Purple Puffles.
Welcome to the fifth Penguin Award Ceremony of Neighborhood Survival. You guys have all set a record of losing a challenge TWO times in a row. Last time you guys lost the crazy Polar Amigo, who failed to show up at two challenges. This time things got a little more dramatic! About two days ago, there was a huge group of people in the CPN Chat Box. Da Gamer was still angry about Bruen voting him off, and wanted a word with him. When Bruen logged in, the so called friendly Matt James started screaming at his defenseless teammate. But Bob, came in and yelled back, making things a little more dramatic. But it was Bob's smart move that caused either him or his teammates to be evicted...
Ok, so the first Penguin Award goes to, Molly222!
The next is for Bruen5!
Hmm... Three of you are left... This penguin award goes to... Gapboy999! Catch!
Now, there are two Purple Puffles left. Bob, this is the THIRD time you've close to not getting the final award of the night. Dude, that's pretty pathetic. Oh your also here because you just stink at every challenge I give.
Da Gamer, the only reason your here is because of that dramatic fight that you started with your teamates.
And the FINAL award of the day goes to...
Bob starts to shake. Da Gamer folds his arms.
Bob61732! Your safe!

That means that Da Gamer, is the fifth evicted penguin from Neighborhood Survival. Up above is a slideshow crated by me remembering all Da Gamer's best moments on Neighborhood Survival. If you want to watch and might even star in an episode of The Talk Show, I've posted the details below! But remember, since everything doesn't appear on Club Penguin, I'll be emailing Da Gamer the questions and interviewing the audience in chat or maybe even on CP.

Server: Ice Palace

Day: This upcoming Wensday

Time: 12:00 pm Estern Time/ 9:00 CP Timezon

-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hollywood Survival Sign Ups!

Hi Penguins!
I know its very early but its time for season two of Neighborhood Survival cast sign ups! This time around, I'll need 16 different, interesting penguins that will make a good addition to cast number two. Well I can't reveal much about HS this early, I can tell you it will be much different from Neighborhood Survival. Hmm... Can you guess what kind of challenges will go on by just looking at the name? If you do want to sign up, just answer the one question below:
What category would you fit in best?
A. Popular
B. Athletic
C. An outcast
D. Smart
Please be honest about yourself and don't lie! You might get in some trouble with your future teamates if you lie about yourself! For this season to work, penguins from Neighborhood Survival can not sign up. But no worries guys, you'll all be invovled BIG TIME with HS!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Challenge #5 Results: The Beastly Bunnies Win!

After a week of planning, advertising and rounding up people, the Beastly Bunnies won the fifth challenge of Neighborhood Survival!

At first it seemed as if the Bunnies had no chance of winning. Molly was able to convince Cena to come to her party, who invited everyone on his chat to go. But at the very last minute, they were able to get about 25 more people to come to Zxz's igloo. Their total number of penguins at once was about 45 penguins.

Up above is the invitation for the party Saavy created. Both him and Zxz192 posted it on their blog, which helped a lot in rounding up the party guests. Slider94 also created his own advertisement, but he sadly took it off his blog before i could copy it.

The Purple Puffles party started out strong and ended weak. Unlike the Bunnies, they didn't focuse so much on advertising on their blogs but instead got people using the old fashion way, screaming party at Molly222's on the map. They even managed to get the famous Cena to party with them, and like usual a gang of penguins followed him into the party.

The Purple Puffles used only one invitation card, Molly222's advertisement. Da Gamer, Molly222 and Bruen5 all posted it on their blogs. Gapboy convinced people to go to the party by telling people in Cena's chat box. Bob61732 surprising did a very good job at this challenge, and left comments on people's blogs telling them to come.
The Purple Puffles will be sent to the Penguin Award Ceremony AGAIN. For this voting ceremony, try to look back at the entire week and not just the party. Chose your votes wisely! I'll be posting the Penguin Award Ceremony Sunday.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Sorry for not talking as much as I usually do in the chat box. I was very busy on CP running from party to party!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Talk Show: Episode 4!

Sebastian7 twirled his propeller hat... Bruen5 tossed his baseball in the air... Himskater combed his Afro... It was Talk Show time!
Deep Voice: HEEELLLLLOOOOOOO penguins! Are you ready for The Talk Show?
The voice was coming from a few speakers that were around the room.
Audience: YA!!!!!!!!!!!
The audience waited patiently for the show to begin.
Deep Voice: Please welcome in the orange, the famous, the hot, the cool... FROSTYLITTLE!!!!
The audience stood to their feet clapping their flippers, screaming Frostylittle's name.
Frosty winked and smirked his white teeth at the audience.
Deep Voice: Now, give a warm welcome to the crazy, food loving, easily angered, party animal...
POLAR AMIGO!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone in the audience clapped except for Bruen5, who folded his arms and grinned.
Polar Amigo ran out onto the stage, clapped for himself and stuck his tongue out at Bruen.
Frostylittle: Welcome to The Talk Show Polar Amigo!
Polar Amigo gasps.
Polar Amigo: I WAS EVICTED?!?! I thought this was game show!
The audience remains silent.
Polar Amigo: I was just kidding! Ha ha! It was a JOKE!
The audience continues to be quite. Frosty leans over to the camera and whispers...
Frostylittle: That wasn't very funny!
A few of the penguins back stage laugh.
Frostylittle: Alrighty than! Lets start questioning!
Polar Amigo nods.
Polar Amigo: That's why I came!
Frosty grins.
Frostylittle: My first question for you is... Why do YOU think you were evicted?
Polar Amigo turns beat red, and starts mumbling to himself.
Frostylittle and almost the entire audience laugh.
Frostylittle: HA! HA! HA! HA! You really have no clue why they voted you out?
Polar Amigo nods.
Frostylittle: Maybe it was because you didn't show up for TWO of the challenges or even the meeting!
Polar Amigo shrugs.
Polar Amigo: I have a life! JEEZ!
Frostylittle smirks.
Frostylittle: Ya, if you consider watching TV and eating BBQ chips all day a life!
Frosty and the audience break out into laughter once again.
Frosty finally calms down.
Frostylittle: Ha ha... Ok, this isn't a comedy show so we should move on... Who was your least favorite neighbor?
Polar Amigo looks over to Bruen.
Polar Amigo: Bruen and Bob! I hate Bob because he SHOULD HAVE BEEN VOTED OFF! I hate Bruen because... Because he is just annoying and useless!
Bruen gives him a dirty look.
Frostylittle: Who is your favorite Neighborhood Survivor?
Polar Amigo smiles.
Frostylittle rolls his eyes.
Frostylittle: Who do you think is doing the best in Neighborhood Survival right now?
Polar Amigo points to Gapboy.
Polar Amigo: Gapboy999 because he is sliding right under the radar! He's silent, but deadly!
Bruen stands up and yells...
Bruen5: Kinda like that fart you cut backstage!
A few of the audience members laugh and Polar Amigo makes an embarrassed expression.
Frostylittle: I'm going to ignore that comment...
Bruen5 smiles.
Frostylittle: So, who do you think is the worst competitor in Neighborhood Survival?
Polar looks over to Bruen and smirks.
Polar Amigo: Bruen5 because he is DUMB... SMELLY... UGLY... AND A LOW LIFE LOSER!!!!!!
A few of the audience members point at Bruen and laugh.
Frostylittle: OK! That's it for the questions! Its time for a new segment I like to call...
The speakers turn on.
Deep Voice: ASK THE AUDIENCE!!!!!
Most of the audience cheer with joy.
Frostylittle: We're gonna tune in LIVE from the audience with my co-host, Molly222!
The audience screams with delight.
Frostylittle: Take it away Molly!
The camera turns and zooms to Molly222, who was sitting in the audience the entire time. She lifts up her microphone and begins her segment.
Molly222: Hi everyone, Molly222 here! Ok, I'm going to ask four lucky members of the audience what they think of Polar Amigo! Everyone understand?
The audience members nod.
Audience: YUP!
Molly smiles.
Molly222: Okey-dokey! I'm tuning in with Fishboy 2 here! Hi Fish boy!
Fishboy walks into the limelight with Molly.
Fishboy2: What up?
Fishboy folds his arm.
Molly222: What do YOU think of this Polar Amigo guy? Love him or hate him?
Fishboy thinks for a momment than answers.
Fishboy9: Well I don't have a crush on him or anything but I do like the guy. He's pretty cool I guess.
Molly222 pushes Fishboy out of the camera angle.
Molly222: Up next is Musicbub! Welcome to the Talk Show!
Musicbub walks over to Molly giggling.
Musicbub: I'm siked to be here Molly! The Talk Show is my favorite part of Neighborhood Survival!
Musicbub waves to the camera.
Molly222: So, do you love Polar Amigo or hate him?
Musicbub faces Molly.
Musicbub: I love Polar Amigo! He's always so happy and nice to me! Even though I never see him in the chat box, I think he's a fun guy to hang with.
Musicbub walks away from the camera.
Molly222: Ok Agent your next!
Agent walks over to Molly facing and smiling at the camera.
Molly222: What do you think of Polar Amigo, do you love him or hate him?
Agent thinks for a moment and answers.
Agent: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with all my heart Polar Amigo!!!
Polar and Agent exchange a thumbs up.
Molly222: Um... EW!
Agent shrugs and walks away from the camera.
Molly222: Bruen, your up!
Bruen5 walks over modestly not paying attention to the camera.
Molly: Do YOU love or...
Before Molly could finish, Bruen gave his answer.
Molly's eyes widden and she pushes Bruen away.
Molly222: Harsh... Ok Frosty that's the end of my segment! Thanks for having me!
Molly waves to the camera as it turns back to the stage.
Frostylittle: Well folks, that's the end of our show! Do you have any last comments Polar?
Polar Amigo pulls out a fork and knife.
Polar Amigo: Is that chicken dinner still back stage?!?!
Frosty shrugs.
Frostylittle: Nope, Billy finished it off! Well bye everyone!
Polar Amigo runs over to Frosty and grabs the microphone.
The entire audience runs up on stage and starts break dancing.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cool New CPN Wallpaper!

Hi guys!
I wanted to show everyone the background on my computer. Its a CPN wallpaper, featuring the entire cast of Neighborhood Survival! Personally, I think its a lot cooler than the original wallpaper I made of the cast. The only difference between the one on my computer and the one above is the quality of the image. The one as my background is just a little brighter, and is probably a little more clear too. Maybe you guys might want add this as your background? That would be awesome!
In other news, a few of you have joined Lil Mock's Schoolyard Survival. The competition is almost identical to Neighborhood Survival! Because of copyright issues, I had to flag his blog. This means that it is on its way to being shut down. No worries I only flagged the Schoolyard Survival blog, so Lil Mock's CP Cheats is still going to be up. I feel really bad doing this, but you went a little too far in copying my blog!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. I've heard that the Purple Puffles party will be at Molly222's igloo! I think I know what the theme is...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Challenge #5: Party Planners!

Hiya Penguins!
Its time for the fifth challenge of Neighborhood Survival, Party Planners! Once again this challenge will be a team match, Beastly Bunnies VS Purple Puffles. Unlike the last few team challenges, this one will not be athletic competition or even close to anything like that. Instead, it will see which team can throw a bigger party!
Your party must be at an igloo, and on the server Ice Palace. To more it a little more interesting, you should make some kind of theme, maybe a College, Water Park, Night Club, Pizza Parlor, McDonalds or anything else you can think of. The team with the most people at the party wins invincibility for the week, while the losing team will be sent to the Penguin Award Ceremony. However, I will be inspecting each party myself, so be prepared! Below are all the requirements you need in order to throw the party:
Server: Ice Palace
DAY: Thursday, 7/9/09
When: 4:00pm Estern Time/1:00 CP Time Zone
Where: One of your teamates igloos
Most of you guys have pretty popular blogs, so posting the party might be a HUGE help! You should use yout fame to your advantage, and gather up as many penguins as possible!
In other news, we will be having team meetings this week. The time and day are the same, but where they take place depends on the team.
DAY: Wensday
WHEN: 12:00pm Estern Time/ 8:00am CP Time
PURPLE PUFFLES: Molly222 CP Cheats Chat Box
BEASTLY BUNNIES: Slider94's Chat Box
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Penguin Award Ceremony #4!

Hello fans of CPN and members of Neighborhood Survival. Welcome to the fourth Penguin Award Ceremony of the season. In front of me are six, tough neighbors who have been surviving through hard core challenge for the last four weeks. This is the first Penguin Award Ceremony ever for the Purple Puffles, the underdogs of Neighborhood Survival. All of you tried your hardest, but your hardest isn't always good enough in this competition. Five of you have showed up for the last two challenges, but one of you hasn't been such a team player...
As usual, if you don't get a penguin award, you'll be forced to walk the Lame Lane, and will take a ride on the Loser Limo. The first award of the night goes to...

Bruen5! Catch!
Frosty tosses the award into his baseball mitt.

Next is for Molly222, Gapboy999 and Matt James aka Da Gamer.

There are still two penguins left. Both of you had made this past week a lot more dramatic with your intese comment fight. But I only have one Penguin Award left. Who will it go to? DRUM ROLL!
Bob61732 starts to get a little nervous. Polar Amigo grins with anger.
The penguin Award goes to...
Bob61732... Congrats man!
Polar Amigo sits in shock.
Take him away!
Two yellow penguins grab Polar Amigo's fins and drag him down Loser Lane.

That means that Polar Amigo, the Crazy Penguin of the competition is evicted from Neighborhood Survival. Not only does he bear the embarsment of being dragged down the Lame Lane and tossed in the Loser Limo, he is also the first CPN Team Member evicted ever. This proves how important it is to be a team player, and to actually show up at the challenges! I still can't believe he didn't see it coming...
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

The Talk Show: Episode 3!

The staff jelled his hair... The staff cleaned his face... The staff shined his sunglasses...
Frostylittle was ready for The Talk Show!
He walked onto the stage winking and waving at the over excited crowd, and hi-fived the front row. He sat on the purple, comfy chair and smirked, ready to begin.
Frostylittle: Hello people of Club Penguin Neighborhood! I'm Frostylittle, President of CPN and host of this very show!
He looked out to the audience and noticed that there were a lot more people than usual.
Frostylittle: Today we have a very special guest. One you may call little, or one you may mock the entire show. Please welcome to the stands... LIL MOCK!!!!!!!
The audience stood to their feet and cheered on the latest evicted neighbor. Lil Mock ran out from behind stage and like Frosty, hi-fived the front row of the crowd. He sadly took a seat on the Seat of Shame, and was ready to begin.
Frostylittle: What up my brother from another mother!
They both exchanged some kind of hand shake and smirked.
Frostylittle: How are you this fine day?
Lil Mock laughed.
Lil Mock: I'm doing great Frosty! I just can't get over this fame!
Frosty nodded.
Frostylittle: Welcome to my world! Now, shall we begin?
Lil Mock agreed.
Lil Mock: That's why I'm here!
Frostylittle smirked.
Frostylittle: How do you fell to be sitting in the Seat of Shame? Is it comfortable?
Lil Mock shrugged.
Lil Mock: I feel surprised! Everyone knows I was the second best player!
Frostylittle makes a confused look.
Frostylittle: I guess... Did you ever think you would be the third voted off NS?
Lil Mock made a grudging look.
Lil Mock: No, definitely not. I thought I would've been in the final three or something big, not 3rd voted off!
Frosty laughs.
Frostylittle: Expect the unexpected! I know this is kinda a weird question, but whats with the "LICK MY BUTT!" thing? It was funny to me but not your teamates!
Lil Mock shrugged again.
Lil Mock: Guess I got a little angry, I was mad because ol' pal slider94 voted me over Saavy. He may be known as a very old penguin, but i had the most experience on cp here on my other penguin who is like 1,240 days old!
Frosty nodded.
Frostylittle: If you weren't evicted, who do you think would?
Lil Mock thought for a moment than answered.
Lil Mock: Saavy. Not to be mean but he was our bottom placer in best to worst...
Frosty's expression determined he wasn't fully agreeing with him.
Frostylittle: Um, ok... What are you going to do now?
Lil Mock leaned forward.
Lil Mock: Im just gonna chill and be one of the people like Himskater and Sebastian7. Then I'll probably gain my rank back for cpg mods on mimo's site, and make more videos on youtube more often.
Frosty smirks.
Frostylittle: That sounds like a sweet life style! Now, I would really like this next answer to be truthfull. Has NS changed you in any way?
Lil Mock leans back.
Lil Mock: Yah! I gained confidence and loyalty something I needed for a while.
Frostylittle leans back too.
Frostylittle: Cool! Who do you want to win Neighborhood Survival?
Lil Mock quickly anwsers.
Lil Mock: Well Outta! He almost saved me from getting voted off and hes the best! Woot!
Frostylittle smiles.
Frostylittle: Nice! Now its time for another new feature of The Talk Show I like to call "What The Regulars Think!"
The audience claps with excitment.
Frostylittle: In this feature, the VP of CPN Molly222, will interview a few random penguins out on the streets what they think of Lil Mock! We can to watch this life from this sweet flat screen TV! Lets meet up with Molly222!
The curtains unroll revealing the already turned on TV. In it, Molly222 is in a rain jacket out a busy city street on the server Mammoth. Molly222 waves.
Molly222: Molly222 here! Right now, its a rainy, windy, miserable day on the streets of the Mammoth. Next to me is a CPN member you guys probably all know, Polar Amigo!
Polar Amigo pushes Molly222 out of the way and flexes the little muscle he has.
Polar Amigo: POLAR AMIGO IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Whats up?
Molly222 makes room for herself.
Molly222: We're asking you, what you think of this Lil Mock guy? Do you like him or hate him?
Polar Amigo laughs.
Polar Amigo: I HATE 'em! The guy is so full of himself and thinks hes number one. Well everyone knows I'm the best! BOYA!
Molly gives him a strange look.
Molly222: Ok... Lets move on the next penguin!
She pushes Polar Amigo out of the way and invites in a penguin named Bytra.
Bytra waves.
Molly222: Hi Bytra! You Frostylittle's buddy right?
She nods.
Bytra: Yah, I've known him since he the beginning. He is a pretty cool guy.
Molly222 smiles.
Molly222: What do YOU think of Lil Mock?
Bytra thinks for a momment and answers.
Bytra: He's a good competitor and I thought he was going to last longer. But like Uncle Sonic said when he was at The Talk Show, somebody has to go.
Molly222 nods.
Mollly222: Good point! Well that ends the newest segment on The Talk Show. Thanks for having me Frosty!
Bytra and Molly both wave to the camera.
Frostylittle: Well that wraps up the end of the show! Thanks everyone for showing up! Remember to tune in next time on....
Frostylittle points to the audience.
Audience: THE TALK SHOW!!!!!! WOOT!!!!
Frosty, Lil Mock Molly222 and Bytra (Who are still shown on the camera) wave the audience.
Frostylittle: PEACE!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Friday, July 3, 2009

Finding The Legendary Sensei!

Hi Everyone!
July 3rd- July 5th are going to be a few hectic days on Club Penguin. Like Rockhopper, Gary, Aunt Artic, Candace and the Penguin Band, Sensei is famous penguin who invented the popular Card Jitsu. For the first time ever, he will be coming to Club Penguin live at the Ninja Hideout for three days only. He can be on any server at any time, which makes finding him even harder! If you do find him, he'll give you a special background signed by himself. Since A LOT of penguins are having a hard time finding him, the CPN is offering help in two ways!

The first idea is obviously a Sensei Tracker. We decided to make this because of the great feed back we got with the Frostylittle Tracker. (which works VERY well!) Unlike most trackers, this is actually one of the few to work! It should only take about one second to load, and can be found underneath the

The second way is one that involves you, the chat box. Molly222, Gapboy999, Bruen5 and myself will be looking for your help in the chat box. Since their are a lot of dedicated fans involved in CPN, this should work well! If you have seen or found Sensei just leave a message with the server in it. The Chat Box is located at the bottom of this blog, so go check it out!
Thanks again to Sebastian7, who helped big time in finding Sensei.
-Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. I'll be posting The Talk Show tommorow. Sorry for being so late!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flag Wars Results- The Beastly Bunnies Win!

Today was the fourth challenge in Neighborhood Survival, Snowball flag wars! Hedgehog, Matt James, Saavy, Zxz192, Bob61732, Gapboy999, Molly222, Sebastian7, Bruen5, Lil Mock and A LOT more penguins showed up for this event! Like the Soccer Game, the score was very close through out the game but in the end, it was the Beastly Bunnies who won!

Four out of Five Beastly Bunnies showed up. Slider94, like I said was on vacation and failed to show up. Outtacntrll, the team captian had sport practice and also showed up. Since they lacked so many teamates, I alowed Sebastian7 to help out the team!
Five out of Six Purple Puffles showed up. Matt James, lucky made it at the last minute and was ready to play! Polar Amigo once again wasn't seen at all during the challenge, which may not be so great for his survival...
At the end of the game, the cast was invited by a member penguin to celebrate at his igloo. It was a lot of fun, and however that penguin was, tell him he had a nice igloo!
After the party, Polar Amigo shockinly showed up. But I think it was a little too late this time...
Now Purple Puffles, its time to vote! You can ONLY vote off a penguin on your team, so chose wisely! I'll be posting the Penguin Award Ceremony Sunday!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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