Saturday, September 26, 2009

Save Cena!

Cena12121 is one of the many legends of the Club Penguin world. He accomplished so much in so little time, made HUGE fans and did what no one else had ever done; make an extremely popular chat. But I have some bad news... Cena shut down his chat and may be quitting Club Penguin... Some say he's doing this because of someone calling him a jerk. Others say he's too old for Club Penguin and its many dramatic battles. But nobody knows for sure, and I wonder if Cena even knows why he is doing this.
If Cena quits, his fans and friends will drop out like dominoes. The entire Team Club Penguin Cheats world will end, and things might not be as fun. I need to save him, but I can't do it alone. Once again, I need all of your help.
What I simply ask is to leave a comment on this blog telling Cena not to quit. If we get enough comments we might even be able to convince him to stay a little longer in the Club Penguin world. It's not really my decision, but our decision.
Lets do this for Cena12121, my hero and friend. :)
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Friday, September 11, 2009

Neighborhood Survival Awards!

The audience queits down.... the lights go to the stage. A mysterous red penguin jumps out of the red curtain.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome DaGamer!"
Some guys shout out.
DaGamer smirks.
"Welcome everyone to the penguin awards for neighborhood survival. I will be giving awards to penguins in neighborhood survival for how they acted or how well they tried! There will be 10 awards!"

The Audience cheers.

"The first award goes to.... SLIDER94 FOR THE NICEST AWARD.
Slider94 comes to the stage and grabs his award and holds it up like the Stanely cup.

"The Second award is the meanest award that goes to bob! Even the mean ones get a prize!"

Bob grabs his award.
"The third award goes to... BOB AGAIN FOR the Hatest one in neighborhood survival.

DaGamer tosses bob his award.
"The 4th award goes to Uncle Sonic for forgotten.
Uncle Sonic is so excited he runs and grabs his award.

"The smartest in NS would be molly!"
DaGamer gently tosses her award to her.
"Most competative would be Zxz192! Catch Z!"
DaGamer tosses his award like a baseball but he has no problem catching it with one hand.
"The CRAZIEST in Ns is Polar Amigo!"
Polar grabs his award and runs out the door for pop corn.
Most team spirt award goes to Hedgehog14!"
hedgehog14 grabs her award with a smile.
And finally the last award goes to the Snowbuddy555 the most quietest in NS!
Snowbuddy grabs her award without a word.
The Audience all gets up to leave.
"WAIT!" DaGamer screams
"I've got one more award that goes to.........

The audience screams as he walks out of the red curtain.
"Without this dude Ns would have never started. He created the fun of it all! If you guys think winning was the goal your wrong. The goal was for all of you to have fun during the challenges. From snowball fights to ski racing it was a blast of fun so thank you frosty little for making up neighborhood survival!"
The audience cheers.
"Thank you all for coming! I hope I see you all in Hollywood Survival in about a month!"

~DaGamer, DaHelper

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Molly222 VS Saavy!

Molly222 and Saavy are the only two competitors left in Neighborhood Survival. They've both made great friends, lost and won challenges and even made an alliance together. They've been to EVERY SINGLE challenge there is, and each of them tried their hardest to win. Some people might call these two the best of friends, some might call them bitter rivals... But deep down in both of them, they are hungry to win what they joined Neighborhood Survival for, a one month membership and three coin codes. But the biggest question is, who will win? Well Molly or Saavy or even myself won't decide, but someone else...
By someone I mean you, the viewers of Club Penguin Neighborhood! As of right now, you can vote in who you want to win Neighborhood Survival. You can only vote once, and you can't steal or make other identiies. You are only allowed to vote on this post, and any other vote that is casted not on this post will not count. Below are two descriptions of each neighbor left in the game:

Saavy started out in Neighborhood Survival as the "born champion". Everyone seemed to have a respect for him, and everyone thought he was going to win. But like everyone else, he did face a few problems. Firstly, he couldn't go on chat at all, so he missed every team meeting there was. Secondly, he didn't know many of his team mates names, and it seemed like he was only cheering for himself. Saavy had one of the biggest friendships their was in Neighborhood Survival, and it was with none other than Zxz192, the other Club Penguin Gang Mod. They're friendship faced many challenges because of deals and alliances, but in the end they remained close. Will Saavy take the path to victory and follow the route he was meant to take?

Molly222 came into Neighborhood Survival as the shy, average competitor who often placed in the middle at challenges. She soon grew to be a powerful, fretful player who many people feared and tried to vote off. She was the best team captain in Neighborhood Survival history because not a single Purple Puffle ever voted her off. Molly also had a close relationship with her real world cousin Bruen5, who was sadly evicted two weeks ago along with Hedgehog 14. She was able to get out many competitors with great strategies, such as knocking out Hedgehog 14, Slider94, Bob61732 and Polar Amigo. Her position in the game has been very hard for the past two weeks, because she was the only girl remaining and the only Purple Puffle left. Will she be mess with destiny and surpass Saavy?

When you vote, I would like you to think of who truely deserves to win Neighborhood Survival. Take a look at what each of these players have done in the past, and choose who you think will be a better champion.
Votes end on Sunday at 12:00cp Timezon.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Club Penguin Community!

Hiya Penguins.
An old Club Penguin friend of mine Brownie Wen, has started a new site that gets fan very involved! Its called Club Penguin Comminity, and it was just created about a few days ago. For this site to work, fans send in either a Joke, Funny Moment (Maybe you could use the Funny Moment from the Neighborhood Survival challenge?) or a video of Club Penguin. Its still somewhat in the making right now, but it should be up and running by the end of the month! Below is the simple steps on how to make, save and send a picture to Brownie Wen:
Send a Picture:
Step 1~ Set your scene up for the image on Club Penguin, and make sure everything is in place.
Step 2~ Press "Prt Scr/Sysrq" on your key board, it should be to the right of the "F12" button towards the top.
Step 3~ Paste your image on some kind of editor like Paint, by going to the top of the page, clicking on Edit and fnally clicking on the word "Paste".
Step 4~ Save as your image as a file you'll remember. To do this on paint, click "File" at the top of the page and click "Save As".
Step 5: Upload your image to either Blogger, Photobucket or some other picture holder. Than simply get the direct link of the picture, and comment telling Brownie Wen!
Go to: to upload Funny Jokes, Videos and more!
Tune in tonight at... 12:00 pm Estern Time/ 9:00 CP Time for a very... Special post...
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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