Sunday, October 16, 2011

Story-Book Survival Schedule!

Whats up everyone?

Story-Book Survival is a blast from the past. Every competitor who participated in 2010 worked their hardest every week! I put a lot of hard work into creating every challenge and writing all of the chapters. To be truthfully honest, hosting a Club Penguin Game Show is a treat for me. Anyway, below is the official schedule of Story-Book Survival! If you have any complaints, suggestions or questions please let me know by leaving a comment.

Story post: Every story post will be up at midnight eastern time on Sundays! Basically, this important post will be broken up into two sections. The first part will be a chapter of Story-Book Survival, written by me! The second section will be the guidelines and a description of that week's challenge. Every week every competitor of Story-Book Survival must confirm their spot at the challenge by commenting on this post. Easy right?

Live challenge: The live challenges will take place on Friday nights! During each challenge, all of the competitors should be logged onto Club Penguin and the Frostyflakes chat. Last season the competitions were held at 5:00 PM PTZ. Does that still work for you?

Results post: The results for a Story-Book Survival challenge are not up every work! These spiffy posts are only posted on Fridays if the challenge is not live. Remember that cereal box designing competition?

Death post: The death post is up on Club Penguin Neighborhood every Saturday. This post reveals the evicted contestant, in a spooky way! One of the competitors will brutally die in a passage written by Frostylittle. (That's me... Duh!) These posts will be stuffed with gooey blood, pointy needles and tons of tears! If Story-Book Survival was a movie, what would it be rated?

When should Story-Book Survival start?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. After season 1 of Neighborhood Survival, an award show was held! This was the first time a Club Penguin Game Show had ever done anything like this. Maybe it will happen again...


Anonymous said...


~Andy the Lego

PS Same time as last season :P

Penny Mickey said...

Yaay! And I like the 8:00pm eastern time, it worked very well for me last season. And yess, awards show!

~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

P.S. I bet I beat Bumble.

Anonymous said...



Penny Mickey said...


~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

Wii Wii Wii1 said...

I'd like 7est please because 11am for me is getting a bit late on saturday becuase we have daylight svaings now and sometimes im doing stuff but if its a bit earlier like 6-7est it would be best for me but i can probably make it 8.

to much timezone stuff.

~Wii~ ps vote for me in the NS awards lol jks may the best person win.

Slider94 said...

same time is good for me :D

Hedgehog 14 said...

Sounds Great!! The time works for me i think

Anonymous said...

I wasn't planning on commenting first on this post. But get ready for it soon . So have your fun andy and penny (smirk)

Penny Mickey said...


And the reason why I like 8:00est is because it's later so if I go out to dinner or something, I'm back in time. When it's earlier it makes it harder for me to make it. But yeah.

~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

licosa/sebastian7 said...

could you make it one hour less thanks

Tim said...

same time! sounds good

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