Saturday, January 2, 2010


Imagine: Your 6 years old again. Your sitting in your cozy, relaxing kitchen and life seems as if it was designed perfectly for you to enjoy every little bit. Your mom is cooking a fresh, new kind of pie you have never seen before, and you lean over to talk to her.
"Mom." you say in your young, adorable child tone.
"Ya son?" She says while focusing on frosting the pie.
"Am I going to work at the big red house like daddy when I'm older?" Your mom smiles with delight.
"Son, you can be whatever you want to be. You can do whatever you want, you can accomplish whatever you like. You have your entire life ahead of you, so don't worry about silly stuff like that so soon!"
You jump off your chair, and run off into the open free world enjoying every little bit of God's creation. You play tag with friends and laugh with joy. You swim in the local lake, and dive into a fresh new start of happiness. You were always told that you were the next generation, and you were going to accomplish so much. Eleven years later, you have 5 months left to live.

Some say life if like a video game set out perfectly and designed for you to enjoy. Some say life is like board game in which you chose your big moves and play out your destiny. Some say life is like the Egyptian lifestyle; in which your life is drawn out before you even enter the world. Whatever life is, You and I are enjoying it to the max as we read this post. Some of us might feel depressed, some of us might be inhaling deadly gases that will kill you within minutes and some of us might be sitting on a high gold chair being spoiled by rich parents. Wherever and whatever you are, we all share one gift in common; life.

Some poison life with harsh drugs and terrible chemicals. Some people hate life so much they commit suicide and leave the world our parents brought them into forever. But there are some; some people out there who treasure the gift god has given us and live it to the max. Think about the friends, the families, like you and I over in Iraq fighting for the USA. Or the poor unlucky ones licking the plates of the greedy in India. Maybe you'll think about the many terribly sick children who can't even take a walk down the street or say hi to the kid next door.

Freddyp9 accomplished much in his time on Earth. He earned more than 500 followers on the popular Internet sensation we know as Twitter. He made friendships that would last a lifetime (well more than that in his case). His life on this planet was great, even better: SPECTACULAR. He was happy, he was gifted, and he had one of the best lives a person can possibly live. Right now he may be barfing up blood, or laying sick in a bed thinking about his mom. But as he waits for the life he once loved to end, he'll remember the good, the bad and the inspirational times of his time on Planet Earth.

Sadly, Freddyp9 will be dieing in 3/2 months after a terrible car crash and the death of his mother. I will forever miss him, along with others he inspired. Freddy can handle anything and everything that comes his way. He was able to handle being hacked by Walrus, and doxed on their site. He handled hard break-ups, and fights over small things. He has even shown he can handle getting his kidney removed, and watching the death of his parent. If Freddy can handle all of this, he can handle whatever comes after his death.

As you read this post, tears might fall down your soft cheeks. Your heart might pump hard, or you might want to quit Club Penguin forever. But nobody, not even Freddy would want you to quit because of his upcoming death. His life story on Club Penguin and the real world might be coming to an end, but yours might have just begun. You have a journey ahead of you, and life will make sure it will not be easy to accomplish. Stay strong, stay positive and try to live it off the charts. That's what I want, and that's what Freddyp9 would have wanted.

Bye Freddy, I look forward to joining you were ever you are after your death

Stay Freddeyo ;-)

~Frostylittle, A CP Legend~

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