Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Mysterious Gift!

Hey neighbors,

Remember that mysterious gift I mentioned last week? Sadly, no team was able to fill an entire room on Club Penguin... But both teams managed to throw some awesome parties! What exactly was this mysterious gift? Hmm, I thought you'd never ask!

The gift was the addition of a brand new contestant to the winning team! The captain of the team that filled a Club Penguin room would select a penguin who signed up for Neighborhood Survival. (Someone who did not make the cut to the final cast!) That selected penguin would become an official cast member of Neighborhood Survival! Aw... Too bad nobody filled a room.

Cool right?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Challenge 6: Pizza Business!

Pass the pizza box over here pal!

Everyone who plays Club Penguin loves to eat pizza. There are so many different toppings you can order, because the stomach of a penguin can take pretty much anything! The business of the Pizza Parlor has a shady behind the scenes, and usually the best looking member becomes boss. Making pizza is the funnest job on Club Penguin, so why not make a living out if it?

Each team will be given 15 minutes to take over the Pizza Parlor! The team captains automatically are set to boss, and everyone else listens to them. Try your best to transform the Pizza Parlor into a successful business. The teams will be graded on organization, effort and the amount of people they serve!

Whatever team does a better job serving the customers in their 15 minute session wins! Good luck.

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Chomping On Some Cheese and Twirling His Propellor!

Party penguins in the house tonight... Everybody's having a good time!

The neighbors of Neighborhood Survival sure know how to throw a rocking bash! Penny Mickey sparkled in the limelight and lead the Gangsta Stalkers to a cheerful victory. The Pizza Parlor was packed with familiar faces from around the Club Penguin universe! Unfortunately, Dumbledore's Army lost a challenge once again... Hang in there guys!


I've grated my cheese and I'm ready to rock!!"

•Witty12: Witty12 is the kind of guy who gets high off of life. He has a strange passion for cheese, and he believes a propellor hat is considered fashionable. Can the witty Witty12 skip through the pressure of NS?

The lovable Witty12 is eliminated from Neighborhood Survival! This cheesy character skipped two challenges in a row, and Dumbledore's Army decided to throw him off their bandwagon. Mr. Propellor hat has been around Club Penguin Neighborhood for awhile, probably longer then most of you guys! We will all surely miss his goofy sense of humor.

Any last words to our cheesy pal?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Should Frostyflakes Be Reopened?

A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away...

The Frostyflakes chat room was loaded with penguins! Everyone got along greatly and every conversation was a fun time. Frostyflakes was the best place to hangout with a can of Pepsi and a bag of barbecue chips! But everything changed, oh so quickly...

It has been over two years since Club Penguin Neighborhood was founded, and penguins seem to have moved on! Frostyflakes became a place to visit when the background of a popular chat got boring to look at. Penguins from around the world used to use Frostyflakes as their homepage!

Should Frostyflakes be reopened? (Your opinion is needed!)

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Neighborhood Survival Team Meetings!

Hey frostyflakes,

Team Meetings are a very vital part of Neighborhood Survival! In order to create a strong team, each team member should stay in contact with one another. The best way to hold a team meeting is by using a chat room! I think most of you have heard of, right?

The spiffy Slider94 and the sweet Penny Mickey (Team captains!) should surely plan a meeting for their team! The meetings should be separate of course, and perhaps it might be wiser to schedule the meetings on different days. The two team captains can use the comment section of this post to broadcast the whereabouts of their team meeting!

I'm willing to open up the Frostyflakes chat for a team meeting!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Challenge 5: Room Filler!

Howdy y'all!

Club Penguin parties have been known for getting a little crowded at times. Famous penguins love to stuff a certain room with all of their fans and keep anyone else from getting in! It takes a big crowd to max out the number of penguins in a single room! Do you have what it takes to take over an area in Club Penguin?

Throwing a regular bash is as easy as eating a slice of cheese, but filling up a room requires hard work! During this week's challenge both teams should throw the most epic parties in history of Club Penguin! The team captains will pick the party location (Comment BELOW), and everyone else should spread the word around our icy land. Do whatever it takes to kick some penguin butt!

If one of the teams fills up their party room, someone will win a special prize...

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Frostyflakes Chat Room Is Closed!

Hey folks,

The Frostyflakes chat room is no longer in service! Club Penguin Neighborhood has always revolved around Neighborhood Survival, and a lifeless chat room is no longer needed. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit Frostyflakes when no one else would! The chat room will solely be open for live Neighborhood Survival challenges... Sorry guys!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ms. 222 Can Only Win Once!

Raise your glass to the freestylers of the Rap Knockout!

Challenge four of Club Penguin's best Game Show was an utter success. Season 2's amazing competitors dived into the first live challenge with slick rap lines! The Gangsta Stalkers won the challenge and took down Dumbledore's Army because of their vicious free-styling skill. "Toast man's" replacement Owl1096 shocked the gigantic crowd of penguins by using a rap that did not even rhyme...

"I know I can't win again... I mean I came in first season 1! lol. I hope to at least make it halfway through... No matter what happens I always try my hardest to win!!"

•Molly222: Molly222 was the winner of Neighborhood Survival season 1! She is a nice, curious girl who gets along well with everyone. Molly has a enormous target on her back, can she win the entire season again?

The queen of all things CPN is evicted from Neighborhood Survival the first time. This strategizing expert was taken down for being the biggest threat in the history of Club Penguin Neighborhood! Molly222 has achieved so much when it comes to Club Penguin Game shows, and she is currently known as the best penguin competitor of all time. See you around the house little sister!

Any last words to the winner of season 1?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dumbledore's Army VS Gangsta Stalkers!

Hello penguins!

Earlier this week Slider94 released the official team rosters of Neighborhood Survival through the Spiffy Magazine! Penny Mickey decided to name her team the Gangsta Stalkers, and Slider94 named his team Dumbledore's Army. These teams will be competing against each other in challenges for the next 7 weeks! I can taste the smell of penguins sweating for safety already...

When a team wins a challenge, that team will be rewarded safety for the week! When a team loses a challenge, that team will be forced to vote out one of it's members. In the event of a voting tie, the team captain (Cough! Slider94 and Penny Mickey... Cough!) will solely kick someone off their team! Showing up for the live challenges is very important, and any player who skips a Neighborhood Survival event might get the boot!

Any last minute questions?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Unfinished Seasons!

*This video is the only known piece of evidence left from Story-Book Survival*

Welcome back to Club Penguin Neighborhood!

Hollywood Survival, All-Star Survival and Story-Book Survival are the three unfinished seasons of this site. The majority of the posts related to these failed experiments have been ripped down from CPN! The idea of continuing one of these mysterious seasons has caused quite a bit of controversy... Well a lot of controversy!

Here's what some of our friends had to say about it...

Cammycam09 said... "I think that the unfinished seasons were always started out thinking that everything was going to go to plan and everyone would have fun, but obviously things happened and the seasons couldn't finish. I'm sure that during the time that the seasons were running everyone had loads of fun! :D Even though they failed people still had fun and memories were made and that's what it's all about, So to be honest those seasons weren't a complete failure! :)"

Bumbleface said... "Yeah, I think finishing the un-finished business would be great, a lot of those people were just left hanging. As long as u wanna do it, and all the people that have to participate are ready then I say yes!"

Slider94 said... "I think it would be AWESOME if you restarted the seasons! They were all AMAZING when they were around. But this current season would continue right?" (Of course Neighborhood Survival season 2 will be finished, it is by far the best season yet!)

Athletico96 said... "I found SBS a living nightmare and cringe whenever I think about it. Good things did happen but, the bad was overpowering. The normal eviction is a great memory nobody will ever forget. Although, the book of SBS still loes wide open without an ending. Maybe an ending would help those affected feel at peace once and for all..."

What do you think of finishing a failed season? Is it worth it?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Challenge 4: Rap Knockout!

"Yo... Yo... Yo!

Im the king of rap, some call me a beast. When your running your lap I'll be finishing up a

feast! I can freestyle all over your face, when Im done with you, you'll be wearing a

back brace. You may own a bunny but I got money so shine my shoes before I make you

look funny. Oops! I already did, I just insulted you in front of your own kid! Ouch! Better get

lost pal, before I decided to steal your gal!"

Maybe no one here is the next Royce Da 5'9 or Eminem, but free-styling is a fun thing to try! It takes a little bit of courage, a brain (that works) and an understanding of the English dictionary. In case you didn't know, free-styling is when a rapper spits rhymes on the spot. (Like I did in the above paragraph!)

I'm going to be pitting a member of each team up against one another for an epic rap showdown! Each battle will be exactly 2 minutes long, and the winner will earn 5 points for their team. The loser will be tagged as a failure, kicked out of the challenge and lose two points for their team... (If anyone volunteers to go first at the beginning of this event, they will be rewarded two extra points!) The team with the most points in the end will win safety for the week.

Let's see what you've got!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Friday, July 15, 2011

No More Burgers For You!

*Thanks Sand Flipper for the neat sketch!*

What a fantastic week!

My Entourage and I had a blast digging through the Penguin Pictures of challenge 3. Almost all of the entries submitted got a juicy A+ when it comes to creativity! As always there were some clear winners and some clear "not winners", but the ultimate loser has been decided by the entire cast... Dun dun dun! Anyone who survives this week is going to be joining a team and participating in live Neighborhood Survival challenges!

"There are a lot of nice people living on this site... I really wish I could come online more often. I feel accepted here, which is a strange feeling..."

•Polar Amigo: Polar Amigo has been teased his entire life for being a little bit different then everyone else. He has a reputation of being a lazy couch potato, but some claim he has the ability to eat 10 burgers in 1 bite! Can Polar Amigo pull through and prove his true strength in the game of Neighborhood Survival?

Mr. Polar Amigo is evicted from Neighborhood Survival! This burger eating champion buried his own grave when he decided to throw the challenge. Our Chilly Friend accused penguins of working together in a gigantic alliance called the "Inner Circle"! Polar Amigo will never get the chance to show off his "Jingle Outfit" in a live challenge... Aw!

Any last words for poor Polar Amigo?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Penguin Picture Results!

How are you doing today?

Take a peek at all of the Penguin pictures submitted below!

1st place: Slider94 (You win safety
... Spiffy power!)

2nd place: Cammycam09

3rd place: Penny Mickey

4th place: Bumbleface

5th place: Molly222

6th place: Andy the Lego

7th place: Gapboy999

8th place: Master Ron Champ

9th place: Athletico96

10th place: Tim250

11th place: Wiiwiiwii1

12th place: Witty12

13th place: Polar Amigo
There was a message scribbled on the back of his paper...

"This drawing is a test to see the strength of the inner circle... Clearly, this drawing is terrible and should come in last place. Despite that, I might stay in the competition because, I am not a target of the inner circle...
Why try if you know the place you come in doesn't matter?
Sorry for the bad penmanship... Had to rush!!!"

Who do you want evicted from Neighborhood Survival?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Challenge 3: Sketching a Penguin!

Hiya penguins,

Sketching is as easy as melting an ice cream on a hot summer day! You"ll clearly need some paper, a pencil or two, a thick eraser and a camera of some sort. Once you've got your materials figured out, draw away! All I want is a simple sketch of your penguin, and don't be afraid to pump it up!

No computer programs are allowed, but feel free to paint your picture. I know not everyone is planning on becoming an artist, and Art class might not be your forte. Just try your hardest, because I have a feeling everyone will want to make it past this week!

You've got until Thursday, so give it your all!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Top Moderator Falling From the Top!

WWE now stands for Wii Wii Excelling!

The competitors of Neighborhood Survival splashed into a hardcore challenge that left some speechless! This Club Penguin workout increased the finger muscle of 14 beloved penguins from around the world. Wii wii wii1 represented Australians and Non-Members by winning with a smashing 13 points! It had been reported that the economy of Club Penguin has increased by 100%... I wonder why?

"Im not upset at anyone who voted for me to leave. I accept your vote with a smile on my face :) & No offense is taken :)"

Saavy: Saavy is a 16 year old famous Club Penguin player who has been around forever! He has been at the top of Club Penguin Gang's mod list for 4 years, and he was the runner-up of season 1. Can this beast of a player claim the prize he was so close to getting?

The top Club Penguin Gang moderator has been knocked out of Neighborhood Survival for the second time! Every waddling penguin has the utter most respect for Saavy and his glorious moderating triumphs! But the target on his back grew enormous and he was sniped down by his fellow contestants. Good try, good luck and goodbye Sir Saavy!

Any last words to the super-spiffy-supremely-spectacular Saavy?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaming Fun Results!

The intense second challenge of Neighborhood Survival drove the contestants mad! Everyone submitted their group of pictures on time, and here are the results...

1st place: Wii wii wii1 with 13 points (Congratulations, you win safety!)

2nd place: Penny Mickey with 12 points

3rd place: Slider94 with 7 points

4th place: Saavy with 6 points

5th place: Tim250 with 5 points

6th place: Molly222 with 4 points

7th place: Ron Champ and Bumbleface with 3 points (Tie!)

8th place: Cammycam09, Gapboy999 and Athletico96 with 2 points (3 way tie!)

9th place: Polar Amigo and Witty12 with 1 point (Tie!)

10th place: Andy the Lego with 0 points

Who do you want evicted from Neighborhood Survival?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Monday, July 4, 2011

Looking back with Slider94!

*This post is based off of "Chilling with Outtacntrll!" Click here to view this ancient post!*


Slider94 and I have been buddies since way back in 2009! Slider was one of the first fans of Club Penguin Neighborhood, and we have been tight ever since. We both have witnessed so much evolution when it comes to the world of Club Penguin! Actually, just the other night we had an enormous conversation about the past!

Outtacntrll was a contestant in season 1 of Neighborhood Survival, and a spectacular friend to all of us! He is specifically famous for dominating Neighborhood Survival by winning the first two challenges. Without Outacntrll, Club Penguin chat rooms would not exist and this very blog would be completely different! Unfortunately he vanished shortly after getting eliminated from this game show, and we all miss him...


Well I think its safe to say ive been around here for...a while... I have seen many good friends leave, and never have contact with them again :'( I have also made many new awesome friends! :D Thats just the way it goes, they come and go. Im happy to still be with the ones I have been with for the long run! However, Outtacntrll was one of my best friends! [like the Timmay of the early days! lol HI TIMMAY! :D] He, Frosty, and I would hang out ALOT! We did many things and games together!

I hate to say I forget about him sometimes, but I do. And when memories flow back, I chocke up because I didnt realize how great it was at teh time. Not being able to contact Outta now really saddens me (and Frosty). I know he was 'just a CP friend' but no, he was more. We are ALL more than that here. We are real friends! (just through the internet... you know what i mean!) I would do ANYTHING to find a way to contact Outta! You dont know how good something is until its gone...

Do you miss anyone from Club Penguin?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood
ft. Slider94

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Challenge 2: Gaming Fun!

Hello everyone!

Club Penguin is loaded with games! Pizzatron 3000, Hydro Hopper, Bean Counters, Cart Surfer, Puffle Round-up and so many more. All of these games are a blast to play, but some can get difficult at times. I think everyone here has enough experience to play Club Penguin games, right?

This time around you competitors have to play as many games as possible on Club Penguin! For each game you should try to earn loads of money, the more cash the merrier! Once you think you've done enough, snap a picture of the money you were rewarded. (Like the picture ^ABOVE^) Do this for every game you play and send all of the pictures to me!

Whoever gets the most money in a certain game wins a point! If you get the most points, you win and your safe from elimination! So for example, let's say I got the most money out of everyone in Pizzatron 3000. I would win a point! But my friend scored the most money in Puffle Round-up and Hydro Hopper, so he would gain 2 points. That means my friend is doing a better job then I am. Catch my drift?

You have until Thursday to send in your pictures!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Friday, July 1, 2011

Striking Out For the First Time!

Hmm... Serial... (Cough cough Athletico96!)

What a fantastic way to slam into a second season! Everyone brought their A game when it comes to dedicating themselves to this Club Penguin Game Show. Penny Mickey hit an out of the park home run with a rocking Cereal commercial! Creativity flourished through each competitor's veins, original ideas were everywhere and the effort put into these cereal boxes is spectacular!

"I love catching balls. I love throwing balls. I love hitting balls. I love anything to do with balls. That's why I'm a baseball player!"

Bruen5: Bruen5 is a homerun hitting baseball player who knows how to handle competition! He made it surprisely pretty far in season 1, and he has a reputation of being an underdog! Can "cousin" Bruen go 15 weeks without getting struck out?

Bruen5 won't even be walking to first base because he has been evicted from Neighborhood Survival! His passion for winning this game was limited, and his design lacked everything. Uncle Sonic finally has a pal to share his feelings with, because little cousin Bruen has struck out for the first time in years!

Any last words to say to poor Bruen5?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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