Monday, September 19, 2011

Live Neighborhood Survival Eviction!

Hey, remember me? Cough... The orange guy who goes to the gym... Cough!

You guessed right, it's Frostylittle here typing for your entertainment! Every Frostyflake floating in my breakfast bowl of white milk can agree that evictions are brutal. Does anyone enjoy being eliminated from Club Penguin's funnest event? Of Course not! Well, Frostylittle (That's me... Why do I need to tell you this information?) just figured out how to make things even worse.

Directly after Friday night's challenge, the neighbor who won will cast their vote to kick someone out of the competition! This dramatic event will happen live in front of everyone who's hanging around the chat room. Yikes! It looks like someone from the MickeyFaceBolabc alliance will be packing their bags.

Any last minute questions about the challenge?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood


Penny Mickey said...

Oh snapp...!

So does the person who wins announce the person they're evicting on chat and not in a comment? And then they give the reasons why? Or is it that they do it in a comment, and then you reveal it on chat?

Penny doesn't want to eliminate Bumble or Mat... CUZ SHE LOVES THEM BOTH VERY VERY MUCH! And she wants to say that if either of them win and vote her off, no hard feelings. I'll just call you a wristwatch on chat!(;

Friday is going to be... hell. Yay.

~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

Klove101 said...

haha of course, when does the challenge start on friday at penguin time?

Anonymous said...

Why would they be "backing" their bags?


Frostylittle said...


The Neighborhood Survival challenge will be at 5:00 PM Penguin Timezone. Hope to see you there!

Frostylittle said...

@Athletico96 Misspell, thanks for letting me know! :D

Penny Mickey said...


~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

Penny Mickey said...

Btw, why is the penguin in the picture so happy? Shouldn't he be sad someone is going to be eliminated?

~Penny "Da Gangsta" Mickey

Frostylittle said...

@Penny Mickey Everything will be done on the Frostyflakes chat room!

Everyone shall be banned, the winner will announce who they want out and explain their reasoning... :'(

Good luck Ms. Mickey!

Klove101 said...

Okay thank you frosty! I will try coming!

Moodiezlzw said...

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