Sunday, August 30, 2009

Frostylittle's Look for the Month of September!

Hola Amigos!
As you all know, Frostylittle has been wearing the same, orange outfit for the last three months. He changes out of it very rarely, and only changes his background once every two weeks. He NEVER takes off his first Box Pin, because he likes to show how long hes been on Club Penguin. Well its time we mix things up a little bit, don't you think?

My next poll will be a very important poll for CPN fans and friends. You guys have the power to choose Frostylittle's outfit for the entire month of September! Up above is a picture of our five choices: You can either vote his outfit to be Mr. Crabs, Mr Goof, Mr. Mimo, Mr. Spook or Mr. Jingle. Which ever outfit gets the most votes wins the Poll and will be on Frostylittle for the month of September! Maybe you want to make Frosty happier by picking the coolest outfit, maybe you want to get revenge for what Frosty has done to you in the past and make him wear a terrible outfit! (Probably not) Or maybe you just want to get a few laughs by picking the funniest outfit!
So stay tuned for the next Polar Amigo Poll!
~Polar Amigo, the Poll Person
P.S. Scroll down to read Hedgehog14's Talk Show, and be sure to leave a comment telling us what you think.

The Talk Show: Episode #12!

The cameras turned on... The spot lights shined on Frostylittle's chair... It was the most crowded Talk Show episode yet, and the audience was more excited than ever.
A few of the audience members started cheering Frostylittle's name, and in a few minutes the entire audience was screaming for Frostylittle to arrive.
All of the spot lights shut off, and a glass elevator started floating down from the ceiling. Inside of it was the host Frostylittle himself, smiling and waving to the audience. Next to him was Hedgehog14, who couldn't believe that she was actually on TV. When the glass elevator landed, a large puff of smoke flew out of it and Agent2310, Snowbuddy555 and Cearch started coiffing.
Club Penguin Neighborhood's theme music started playing, and Frostylittle stepped of the the magical elevator. He turned, looked at the audience and flipped his hair, only to make the scene get even more enjoyable. He took a seat, and started clapping for Hedgehog 14.
Frostylittle: Please give a warm invitation for.... HEDGEHOG 14, THE LATEST EVICTED FROM NEIGHBORHOOD SURVIVAL!
Hedgehog blushed and took a step out of the elevator. She waved and smiled with delight to the audience, and shyly took a seat of the Seat of Shame. Frosty leaned over and shook hands with Hedgehog14, and the local news reporters were able to get a picture of this event.
Frostylittle: Welcome to the Talk Show Hedge! You ready to begin?
Hedgehog nodded with excitement.
Hedgehog 14: Totally!
Zxz192 and Himskater12 held up a large, purple banner saying "HEDGEHOG 14 ROCKS OUR WORLD!"
Frostylittle: Whats it like to be voting off?
Hedgehog sighs.
Hedghog 14: Kinda disappointing I guess, but I can survive. It actually wasn't THAT bad, its not like I left on a bad note!
A window broke open and Witty flew in with his propeller hat out of breathe, and landed in the audience.
Frostylittle: Aaah, hi witty...
Witty stould up, a little dizzy like and waved to Frosty.
Witty: Hiya Frost! I flew like 500 miles to be hear, man I'm tired!
Witty falls on the crowd and falls asleep.
Frostylittle: Ok moving on.... Did you expect to be voted off?
Hedgehog 14 nods.
Hedgehog 14: Kinda ya, because I didn't show up for the challenge!
Frosty and a few members of the audeince laugh.
Frostylittle: Who would you like to see Molly222 bring to the final two with her?
Hedgehog points to Zxz, who is smiling with joy.
Hedgehog 14: Zxz192, because hes worked really hard to get were he is now, and deserves it!
Zxz and Hedgehog exchange I smile.
Frostylittle: Nice. Who was your best friend in Neighborhood Survival?
Hedgehog 14 pulls out a picture of Slider and her in a Dance Contest with the words "BFF's Forever" at the top in Blue Font.
Hedgehog 14: SLIDER94! He was always there for me from the very beggining, and he is so nice!
Frostylittle smirks.
Frostylittle: Who did you hate the MOST of the cast?
Hedgehog points to Bob and laughs.
Hedgehog 14: BOB!
Bob throws Penguin874's soda cup at Hedge's head.
Frostylittle: Why?
Hedgehog smiles.
Hedgehog 14: Because is so anoying and is such a downer!
Bob folds his arms and grins.
Bob61732: Well.... See... Aaah.... I hate you too!
Frosty and Hedge roll there eyes.
Frostylittle: Bob, you really need to work on your come backs!
Hedgehog, Zxz, Penguin and Snowbuddy laugh.
Frostylittle: So, who do you think will win Neighborhood Survival?
Hedgehog thinks for a minute.
Hedgehog 14: Well it depends on who Molly picks. If she picks Zxz, Z will totally win it! If she picks Saavy, she might have a chance of winning.
Frosty smirks his whit teeth.
Frostylittle: Did you think you would get this far when you first started?
Hedgehog laughs.
Hedgehog 14: Oh my gosh no! I thought I would be evicted first!
Himskater laughs at Hedge's comment.
Frostylittle: Who would you like to see win Neighborhood Survival?
Hedgehog points to Zxz192 cheerfully once again.
Hedgehog 14: ZXZ192 ALL THE WAY! WOOT!
Frosty laughs at Hedge's excitement.
Frostylittle: Who do you think was the WORST Neighborhood Survival in all NS history?
Hedgehog shrugs.
Hedgehog 14: Uncle Sonic I guess, he was the first voted off and nobody really got to know him at all.
The audience members all nod in agreement.
Frostylittle: Ok its time for a quick commercial break! Come back for a new feature we like to call "Who can you trust?"
The audience claps with excitement.
A bald, gray, wrinkly penguin is shown in front of the mirror scratching his head. The man holds up a "Frosty Flake" cereal box and looks at Frostylittle's amazing hair.
Deep Voice: IS age making YOU go bald?
The depressed man nods at the camera.
Deep Voice: Do YOU wish you had hair like today's movie star, Frostylittle?
The man nods with jealousy.
Deep Voice: Well now you can!
The man's jaws drop.
Man: How!?!
Frostylittle appears in front of the screen holding a bottle of "Frosty Fun!" hair solution.
Deep Voice: Introducing the new Frosty Fun hair solution!
The man stairs at Frosty's hair.
Man: Well how does it work?
Frosty flips his hair.
Deep Voice: Its easy! Just paste a gallon of it on your head....
The man is seen dumping the bottle on his bold head.
Deep Voice: And now all you have to do is sit perfectly still in the sun for the next five months!
The Man jumps with excitement.
Man: Thats it?!? I'm going outside right now!
Frostylittle smirks.
Frostylittle: I had a feeling he would say that!
The words "Five Months Later" float across the screen. The man is shown at a Famous Beach, flipping his new orange hair.
Man: Wow, I feel great! Now girls actually know I exist, so they can notice that I'm older than Elvis!
Frosty jumps in front of the camera and flips his hair with the old man.
Deep Voice: Call today and we'll give you the low payment of... 500,000 dollars!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Frostylittle: Welcome back to the Talk Show! Now, its time for the newest feature we like to call...
The audience jump to their feet.
The Audience: Who does Hedgehog Trust!?!
Frostylittle gives a thumbs up to the audience.
Frostylittle: In this special feature, I'll ask Hedgehog a question, and she'll have to answer it by saying one of the names of the penguins in the audience. Everyone Understand?
Hedgehog nods.
Frostylittle: Ok good. My first question is... If you had to trust one of the members of the audience to throw you off a cliff than run down and catch you, who would it be?
Hedgehog thinks, than points to Penny.
Hedgehog 14: Penny Mickey because she is a good friend and doesn't like hurting people.
Penny Mickey waves to the camera and giggles.
Frostylittle: Ok! Who would you trust to save you from a giant, penguin eating Sea Monster?
The audience laughs along with the producers back stage.
Hedgehog 14: Himskater because he can save me with his awesoem skateboarding skills.
Frosty smirks.
Frostylittle: Himskater must have some radical skate boarding moves!
Himkater skates by stage smiling at the camera.
Frostylittle: Ok well thats the end of our show!
The audience sighs along with Hedgehog.
Audience: Aaaaaw...
Frosty laughs.
Frostylittle: Tune in next time for the most dramatic Talk Sho EVER! Your watching...
The audience stands to their feet.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Penguin Award Ceremony #12!

Hello CPN Fans and Neighborhood Survivors.
Welcome to the twelved Penguin Award Ceremony of the season! There are only three penguins left in Neighborhood Survival, but one of their journeys is ending today. Saavy, you and Zxz192 have been best friends before Neighborhood Survival even started. Your friendship has gone up and down throughout Neighborhood Survival, but right now your more nervous than ever to even think about friendships. Molly222, you are the last girl and Purple Puffle standing, so a lot of extra heat is on you as well. You've also had a great friendship with your cousin Bruen5, but sadly he was evicted last week and couldn't be here today. All three of you have proven to be the best competitors in your own ways. Saavy, you have shown to be strong at challenges. Zxz192, you've shown that you can easily make supporters in this game. And Molly222, you've proved to be the best team captian since your team never voted you off, and you a very smart stragizer...
The first Penguin Award of the night goes to....
Molly222, for winning the challenge you will be in the final 2!
Now, there are two people left in front of me. Some people called you best friends, some people called you the diamiac due. Zxz192 Saavy, one of you will be leaving Neighborhood Survival forever and the other will be joining Molly222 in the final week. The last Penguin Award goes to...

That means that Zxz192, the blog owner, CPGA Leader and CPG Mod will be leaving Neighborhood Survival forever tonight. Molly choose you because she thought that she would have a better chance of winning against Saavy, rather than Zxz192. We'll be seeing you at the finally of Neighborhood Survival, and next summer on All~Star Survival!
Congratulations to Molly222 and Saavy, you are the final two of Neighborhood Survival!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Hedgehog14's Talk Show will be posted either later today, or tonight!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Challenge #12 Results: Molly222 wins!

The last challenge on Neighborhood Survival was by far, on my opinion the best challenge yet! A huge audience showed up to watch, and everyone had tons of fun.

The first Part of the challenge was a Twitter Test. I asked around 10 questions, and who ever got five right first won and moved onto the third round. Saavy started out strong, taking the league fast with Molly following behind him. Zxz had a few computer problems, and there for couldn't answer many of the questions at the begining. Towards the end however, Zxz started getting a winning streek and tied with Molly four to four. However Molly answered the last and hardest question right and moved on to round three.
The second part of the challenge was a Soccer Game. Zxz192 faced off against Saavy, in an epic attempt to move on with Molly to round three. Saavy started out by getting a large amout of goals, but Zxz quickly regained his points and almost defeated Saavy. However, Saavy manghed to get two more goals and won this part, and was supposed to move on to round three. But since he had to go, he would need a replacement for the final round against Molly222.
In the final round, Juh76 replaced Saavy and played off against Molly in a Dodgeball game held at the Soccer Field. Juh quickly struck into action and hit Molly a few times at the begining, but than she starting getting him back. Once Molly took the league, she started regaining her convidence and was able to defeat Juh76. She there for placed her self in the final 2, and can now pick one person to bring with her. Who will it be?
Huge Change to the cast of Hollywood Survival coming soon...
~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. I've noticed that one of the sites I advertise has been starting to copy this site greatly, and its not anything about tabs because a lot of people have those. He/She copied a few lines from our Banner, and if he/she does not change this with in a week, I may have to shut down their site, since we do have Official copyright and Trackers placed on our pictures.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge #12: History Recap!

Saavy, Zxz192 and Molly222 have all been threw the last twelve weeks. They've battled, won and planned their way to the final three of Neighborhood Survival.
The last challenge of Neighborhood Survival is a combination of two past challenges and a Travia Game. Below is a chart that should explain everything about this challenge:

Part #1: Twitter Trivia
This challenge takes place within my twitter page and on the comment page. I'll simply ask a question that involves Neighborhood Survival's history, and you'll answer it in a comment. You only have one try to answer it correct, and the first person to get ten questions correct moves on to round 3. Please come to this blog about ten minutes early and leave a comment saying your ready. My twitter page is:

Part #2: Dodgeball
The second part of this challenge will be a Dodgeball game, at my igloo. The two people who did not win the first challenge will compete to go to Part #3. The winner will move on to Part #3 and compete with the winner of Part #1. For the rules of this part, CLICK HERE. Whatever neighbor hits the other person ten times wins this part.

Part #3: The Soccer Game
The final part of this challenge was the first team challenge ever, a Soccer Game. The winner of Parts 1 and 2 will compete. The winner of this Part will be safe from elimination, and will have a very important decision. They will have to chose one of the other remaining neighbors to bring to the final two with them. For the rules of the Soccer Game, CLICK HERE. The first person to get ten goals wins the challenge.
Who ever wins, please email me at who you want to bring to the final 2 with you, instead of leaving a comment.

WHEN: This upcoming Thursday
WHERE: Meet up at this blog first, and log on to Club Penguin and my Twitter Page.
TIME: 1:00 pm CP Timezon/ 4:00 pm Estern Time
SERVER: Ice Palace
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Penguin Award Ceremony #11!

Welcome to the 11th Penguin Award Ceremony of the season. Bruen5, Molly222, Hedgehog14, Saavy and Zxz192 have all made it to the final five, but today with the double eviction it will soon be a final 3. Zxz192, you won the last challenge and made yourself safe from elimination. Molly222, you came in second last challenge so your also safe from elimination. Both of you were allowed to pick one of the people to be sent home, and you both made a fair chose. So the first penguin award of the day goes to, Zxz192! This next one is for... Molly222!
Now, three of you are left. Saavy, you were evicted last week, and you know the feeling. Hedgehog 14 and Bruen, both of you are tough, strong neighbors. All three of you had already made it far in Neighborhood Survival, but for two of you, your journy will be ending tonight.
The last penguin award of the day goes to...
Hedgehog frowns. Bruen tosses his baseball in the air. Saavy starts to get nervous.
Saavy, here you go!

That means that Bruen5, the competitive Baseball loving penguin and Hedgehog 14, the hyper hedgehog loving penguin have both been evicted from Neighborhood Survival for good. Molly and Zxz made a very fair chose, since neither of you went to the challenge. Molly chose Hedgehog because Bruen was a close friend of hers, and Zxz192 chose Bruen because Hedgehog 14 was a good friend of his. Some of you might be sad about this, but over all it was a kind, fair decision.

~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Saturday, August 22, 2009

HS: Survival Guide!

Everyone has been asking the same big question around this blog "How do you play Hollywood Survival?" Since its game play is VERY different from Neighborhood Survival, I decided to explain whats it liked.

Last season on Neighborhood Survival the neighbors were divided into two teams; Beastly Bunnies and Purple Puffles. This season, the 25 actors and actresses are divided into five clicks, the Athletics, the Populars, the Offbeats, the Brains and the Regulars. There is a difference between a team and a click. Every challenge in Hollywood Survival will be a survivor challenge, were the last person standing wins. Who ever wins that challenge will be crowned Director of Set, and him/her and their ENTIRE click will be safe from elimination for that week.

The main challenge of every week is the DOS (Director of Set) challenge. Who ever wins this challenge will became the DOS and will be safe from elimination along with his/her entire click. The Directer of Set's power is very important in the game; he/she will have to nominate two people for eviction. However, a way to get off of the Nominations is to win the POS challenge.
The Power of Savior Challenge is an optional challenge to compete in. It will usually be either a very popular challenge from Neighborhood Survival, a fan made challenge or a Trivia Challenge. The winner of this challenge will have the POS (Power of Savior) and can take one of the nominees down. If they do, than the DOS will have to nominate someone else and the Eviction Ceremony will be held.
Like last season, once a week a Penguin Award Ceremony will be held. In this, every actor (besides the Director of Set and the two nominees) will vote off one of the two nominees. The nominee who does not receive a Penguin Award will be evicted from Hollywood Survival forever. In the event of a tie, the DOH will chose who they want out of HS.
Every Wednesday a Talk Show will take place with the evicted actor called "Hollywood Gossip". In this, Me and my co~host will ask questions to the latest evicted actor live on the chat box and on Club Penguin at my igloo. There will also be a lot of extra, fun activities that involved the audience who came to the show.
If you have any other questions you want to ask please leave a comment and I'll replay as soon as possible.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Were an of you at Mimo77's huge Aqua Party? On my opinion that was the best Mimo Party ever!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Talk Show.... Episode 9?

Hey penguins.
The last episode of the Talk Show, wasn't much of a Talk Show. Right wen Bob arrived, the entire audience (including me) started tossing snowballs at the naked fellow. This caused him to run out of the Talk Show set, and around Club Penguin crying. He claimed that he was never going to go on Club Penguin again, unless Zxz192 said he was sorry. Right when Bob logged off, Zxz said he was sorry but it seemed to be too late.
Later after the event on CPN Chat, Bob got into a fight with Da Gamer. They started fighting back and fourth with strange lines, and Da Gamer made a comment that made Bob actualy cry in real life, about his passed away mom. Bob logged off of chat, Da Gamer got banned and everyone else had fun playing Dance Contests.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Challenge #11 Results: Zxz192 Wins!

After about a 15 minute race from the top of the Light House to the new room (Tallest Mountain) Zxz192 wins once again! The race was very close between him and Saavy, but Molly was behind the two for most of the challenge. Towards the end when Penny took the place of Saavy by jumped in the Balloon Ride, (Saavy is a Non Member so he can ride on it) Molly was able to catch up and blast ahead of her. Bruen5 was stuck in traffic, and there for couldn't make it in time for the challenge. However, since he already used hi Safety pass, he can be eliminated from Neighborhood Survival this week. Hedgehog 14 also failed to show up, and she too can get evicted this week since she already used her Safety Pass when she went on vacation.
Once I yelled "GO!" Saavy immediately dashed off with Zxz192 trailing behind him. Molly's computer was strangely frozen for second, but when Zxz and Saavy ran down the stairs she went after them too. Saavy remained in the league until the two reached the Dock, and Zxz blasted ahead of him. Molly was still trying to catch up far behind the two, and was struggling to find a wayy to pass them. Once Zxz192 ran into the Ballon and Penny Mickey took the place of Saavy, Molly hopped on with them. When it landed, Zxz ran ahead with Molly and Penny right behind him. In the end, the final score board was:
1rst Place: Zxz192
2nd Place: Molly222
3rd: Saavy/ Penny Mickey
Now, the voting will be a lot different than it usually is. Since there aren't many neighbors left, Zxz (the winner) and Molly222 (the runner up) will both be safe from elimination and will chose either Saavy, Bruen5 or Hedgehog 14 to be sent home. Remember there will be a double elimination, and when ou guys vote instead of leaving a comment email me at:
I think this challenges was one of the best yet! Everyone seemed to get along good, and not that much drama was involved. Oh and By the way, Polar Amigo had to add new poll to the sidebar since the last one had some problems.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. The entire cast of Hollywood Survival has finally been reveal! Click here to see it, and if you haven't already leave a comment saying that you will be in Hollywood Survival (if you were excepted)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Challenge #11: The Great Race!

In the 11th challenge of the season, the four (possibly five) neighbors will race from the top of the Light House Beacon to the Tallest Mountain. They will run run threw the Light House, onto the Beach, into the Ski Village, threw the Dock, in the Town, enter the Night Club, walk down to the Boiler Room, threw the Pool, up the Latter, threw the Plaza, into the Forest, hop on the Balloon ride and to the Tallest Mountain. If anyone is said to have used the map, they will automatically lose the race. I will be waiting at the Tallest Moutian, and a few special people will be watching over some of the rooms
The winner of this challenge will be safe from elimination for the week, but still has to vote off someone. The neighbor with the most votes against them will be evicted from Neighborhood Survival.
When: Tuesday, August 18th 2009 (tommorow!)
Where: Ice Palace, meet up at the Light House Beacon
Time: 4:00 Estern Time/ 1:00 CP Time
~Frostylitte, President of CPN
P.S. There will be some MAJOR additions to the cast of Hollywood Survival either today or tommorow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Questions and Answers!

Hey Penguins!
Over the last few days a lot of rumors, lies and questions have been floating around Neighborhood Survival. Well I'm going to try my best to answer them below:

Question #1: Are the comments by Bob, Polar Amigo and Snowbuddy555 fake?
The first two rounds of comments by this group were real. They actually did vote off Hedgehog first, than they changed their vote to Saavy. However, the last round of comments was 100% FAKE! Bob, Polar Amigo and Snowbuddy555 DID NOT change their votes back to Hedgehog. The person who left these comments was none other than Mryomama, who felt bad for Saavy since he lost his cousin. Since Mryomama messed with the course of the game, he will be banned from any events held by CPN including Hollywood Survival, so I will need a replacement for him.

Question #2: Why isn't Saavy safe from elimination?
Saavy isn't safe from elimination because he never once asked to be safe. Everyone else did, but I'm not allowed to save someone from elimination if the person himself doesn't ask.

Question #2: Did Uncle Sonic's and Da Gamer's vote count?
No. Votes end at 11:00pm estern time, and they casted their vote a few minutes after 11, so sadly it did not count.

Question #3: What was Molly's plan?
Molly's plan was to back door Saavy, because she was angry about him telling everyone about their alliance. Hedgehog didn't make this plan, but she was involved in it a little. Molly was able to convince Polar Amigo, Bob61732, Gapboy999 and Snowbuddy555 to change their vote from Hedgehog 14 to Saavy. If it wasn't for Molly's plan, Hedgehog would be leaving right now, not Saavy.

Question #4: Did Molly disquise as Bob and tell Snowbuddy, Polar Amigo and Gapboy999 about the plan?
No, that would be really hard to pull off! If Molly had done this, she would have asked me to change herself to a member, (since Bob is a member and Molly is a mod on chat) which she didn't. She also wouldn't even need to do this, because Gapboy is her younger brother and she knows Bob and Polar Amigo in real life.

Question #5: Who will Mryomama be replaced by?
Mryomama will not be replaced by his seven year old cousin. Instead, I will pick one of the 61 people who didn't make it to Hollywood Survival.

Question #6: Is Saavy fairly eliminated?
The sad truth is that he was fairly evicted. He got four votes aginst him including Bob61732, Gapboy999, Polar Amigo and Snowbuddy555. Molly222 only had 3 votes, which were Slider94, Lil Mock 11 and Outtanctrll.

Question #7: Who should we blame for all of this drama?
Well you shouldn't blame Saavy, Molly222, Bob61732 or even Hedgehog 14. The real person ho caused this was Mryomama, who cheated and pretended to be someone he wasn't

Instead of blamming a random person for causing this, please try to look at the information a little more, so no feelings will be hurt!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Penguin Award Ceremony #10!

Welcome to the tenth Penguin Award Ceremony of the season!
I'm Frostylittle, the President of CPN. In my hands are four gold, sparkling, shined Penguin Awards. But in front of me are five not so shiny penguins. Saavy, Zxz192, Molly222, Hedgehog and Bruen5 have all made it to the final five, but sadly one of you will be leaving us tonight forever. Zxz and Saavy, you two have had one of the best friendships in Neighborhood Survival. You guys have always had each other's backs, voted the same mostly and at the beginning you didn't want Neighborhood Survival to ruin your friendship. Molly222 and Bruen, you guys are the only former Purple Puffles remaining. Out of the six puffles, you guys never fought with each other, made plans together and had the dream of making it the final five together. That leaves Hedgehog, the friendly bach loving penguin who has a cre free personality which helped her get this far...
So the first Penguin Award of the night goes to... Zxz192, For winning the challenge!
This next award is for...
Bruen5, who sadly couldn't make it tonight since hes away on vacation.
Now, two of you are left. You two have made an alliance, and were two of the nicest people in Neighborhood Survival. Molly222 and Saavy, one of you will be leaving NS forever. And the last Penguin Award of the night goes to...
Saavy and Molly both look at each other with a respectful smile, and Molly gets tossed the Penguin Award.
Molly222, you are safe from elimination!

Saavy, you are the tenth evicted from Neighborhood Survival and the first evicted from the final five. About a week ago you lost the life of your six year old cousin in a car crash, and both of you seemed to have a strong relationship. You were strong enough to battle your way through the week, which shows a huge amount of courage. You were brave in a time of great sadness, so I think you will be leaving NS on a good note, unlike most people. Your happy personality will always be remembered, and your strong friendship with Zxz will always live on...

We will be seeing you Saavy at the Neighborhood Survival finals and next year on the All~Stars season!

~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Friday, August 14, 2009

Challenge #10 Results: Zxz192 Wins!

The latest challenge of Neighborhood Survival was very tough for most people. Everyone grew competitive, nervous and Saavy was still sad about losing his six year old cousin. However, in the end it was Zxz192 who won the challenge against Hedgehog 14 in the finals. Zxz also had to make a very important choice, if he would give his safety power to another competitor or keep it for himself. He choice to use it on himself, even though he was tempted to give it to Saavy.

The first round was Zxz VS Fishboy 2. (he replaced Saavy) They battled back and fourth in a best out of three, but Zxz managed to beat him in the last match and go to the finals. After that was Molly222 VS Hedgehog 14. It was a very close few games, but Hedgehog won the last sled race and continued to the next round. The last round featured the two friends Zxz192 VS Hedgehog 14, and both of them were hungry for safety. Zxz won both challenges in a row, and choice to safe himself from elimination.
Ok, its time for the evicted cast members to vote. You can't vote off Bruen5 because hes on vacation, or can you vote off Zxz since he won the challenge. So that means that Uncle Sonic, Snowbuddy555, Bob61732, Lil Mock, Polar Amigo, Da Gamer, Outtacntrll, Gapboy999 and Slider94 must vote off either Saavy, Hedgehog 14 or Molly222.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hollywood Survival Cast!

Twenty~five out of eighty one signs ups have been chosen to join the cast of Hollywood Survival! Each actor has their own personality, and are different in every way. They will be split up into clicks either joining the Athletics, Popular, Brains or Offbeats based on their personality. Remember, there is a difference between clicks and teams, but I'll talk more about that next week!

The Athletics are strong, solid competitors, and will do whatever it takes it win. They can easily defeat the other actors, but they sadly can't out think a lot of them!

Click Leader~ Himskater 12: Himskater is a layed back tween who can handle his temper fine. He enjoys skate boarding, hanging out with his friends or even anyone who is willing to chill with him. He makes friends easily, and has a good attitude when it comes to sports. But, what happens when he does get involved in the drama, will his temper finally brake out?

Witty12: Witty is a free spirited, happy propellor hat wearing Penguin who loves to have fun. He owns a Club Penguin Cheats site, and tries to post on it fastly everyday he can. He likes hanging out with his friends on Club Penguin, Sled Racing and playing any other multiplayer game he can. Will he be able to fly his way through Hollywood Survival?
Vote4Grapes: Grapes is the owner of the first baseball league every on Club Penguin. Hes in the Club Penguin Gang Army, and has been for the past few months. He enjoys chatting with other people, baseball and anything else that's fun on CP. Will owning a baseball league be good or bad when it comes down to the game?

Mr. Acd: Mr. Acd is a sport loving jockish Club Penguin lover. He doesn't care what people think about him, and isn't everyone best friend. But when it comes to challenges this guy is a threat to be dealed with, and a scary one too! Will he be able to fight his way through the entire competition? You'll have to find that out yourself!

Popcornboy: Popcornboy is a popcorn loving athletic friend of Lil Mock. He seems to be a little mysterious, and often likes to keep quite among large crowds of people. Not much is known about this guy, but he seems to know what hes here for. When will he finally reveal his personality to Hollywood Survival? We'll just have to find out.

The Popular crowd is at the very top of the food chain. They have their own tables at lunch, make friends with everyone and are idolized by many people.

Click Leader~ Da Rockstar: Da Rockstar is a cool going layed back punk rocker. He will chat with anyone who wants to chat, hang out with anyone, and likes thinking of himself as a famous penguin. He seems to have a tough image, but nobody really knows for sure whats going on inside of his head right now. Is he really a punk or just a regular guy?

Juh76: Juh is a care free dude who looks after himself and only himself. He likes to be challenged in sports, and thinks of things that are easy for him boring. This guy isn't afraid to speak his mind, and doesn't like people being a jerk to him. Will his pushy personality make it far in this game?

Musicbub: Musicbub is a teen who loves jamming out into any kind of music. She gets along well with anyone, and doesn't seem to have any grudges right now. Her confident personality helps her get far in everything, even school. Can she make it to the final 5 without hating a single person in HS?

Mathew722: Mathew722 is a donut loving CPG Mod who always knows how to put a smile on a person's face. He likes to cheer up people, make friends and hang out with Saavy on Club Penguin. He can be a little random at times, but never is he mean. Will he be able to slide his way through Hollywood Survival's drama?

Mocksock1: Mocksock is the younger sibling of Lil Mock. He enjoys annoying Lil Mock, practicing pitching and hanging out on CP. He seems to have a pretty drama free life style, and is just like any other younger brother. Will he be able to survive longer did his brother did last season?

The brains are some of the smartest penguins you'll ever meet. They all get good grades, can figure out any puzzle and most of them enjoy reading.

Click Leader~ Sebastian7: Sebastain7 is the smartest ten year old geek you'll ever meet. He creates his own trackers for Club Penguin, his own video game and knows how to outsmart people double his age. He gets grades anyone would want, but sadly he isn't the most popular kid in school. Will he be a threat to the other actors?

Penny Mickey: Penny Mickey is a sweet, down to earth kind of girl. She cares about the environment, is very likable and gets good grades in school. She is one smart cookie, and likes to be friend anyone who seems lonely. Will anyone take control and use her helpful personality to an advantage?

Sklooperis: Sklooperis is a somewhat new CPG Mod and has a very busy lifestyle. He has to balance his regular life, school, being a CPG Mod, his site and now Hollywood Survival. He seems to be able to handle it smoothly and enjoys what hes all about. Will he finally break down in the pressure of Hollywood Survival?

Kyo100: Kyo100 is just like any other 11 year old kid. He hates teachers, homework, choirs and moving away from the TV. However, he still gets good grades in school, and could get even better if he tried a little harder. Will his lazy personality let him go further in the game, or make him leave faster?

Tigernat98: Tigernat98 is an Australian regular teen who doesn't care much about anything. She enjoys treating people kindly, hanging out with her friends and not failing school. Her peppy personality often lifts the sadness of people, and will make anyone turn their frown upside down. Will she be able to make it to the challenges in her time zone?

The Offbeats are the outcasts of High School. They're either different, lonely, goth or don't get along well with anyone.

Click Leader~ Agent2310: Agent is one hyper penguin. He enjoys hacking Club Penguin, getting in fights, trash talking people, telling jokes and pretending to be a mime. He is either hated, or liked, but no one has ever thought of him as just an average friend. Will his crazy personality help him get further in the game?

11Laura10: Laura10 is currently in charge of her very own wizard school, and thinks of herself as the queen of magic. She can be very nice but very random at different times, depending on what kind of mood shes in. Can she use her "wizard" powers to magically fight threw out Hollywood Survival's course?

Jijeely: Jijeely is a kind, shy girl who isn't the type who gets in a lot of fights. She would rather help out at a local charity than go shopping with her friends at the Mall of America in New York city. While her shyness does get the better of her sometimes, she is confident of winning still. Will she be able to win the grand prize?

Penguin874: Penguin874 is a modest, fun filled guy who loves to hang out with anyone on Club Penguin. He runs a pretty cool blog, isn't afraid to speak his opinion and was the last person to be excepted into Hollywood Survival. He loves Sled Racing, but at the same time he hates to lose at any kind of game. Will he be able dominate the game by sledding his way threw the competition?
Uncle Sonic: Uncle Sonic was the first eliminated from Neighborhood Survival last season. He was hated, forgotten and nobody could even remember his own name, so most people called him "Uncle Smelly". This time hes back to revenge himself, and hes going to try to win! Will he get past week one?

The regulars are the not soloved/not so hated people in High School. They have a few friends, and don't get picked out as much as everyone else.

Click Leader~ Happywagon: Happywagon is a silly, joke cracking penguin who calls his fans "Wagonites". Like most actors, he runs a Club Penguin Cheats blog and seems to think of people who visit it as friends, and not fans. Hes pretty good friends with Mathew7222, but sadly they will be in separate clicks. Will Happy be able to survive without the help of Matt?

Wiiwiiwii1: Wiiwiiwii1 is a Nintendo Wii loving CPG Legendary Mod, right underneath Dex Dude and Happywagon on the list. He seems to get along with Happywagon and Mathew7222 some what, but mostly he'll try to win on his own without depending on anyone. Will he be able to fight his way threw the competition, without getting back stabbed?

Goofy73: Goof73 is a sloppy, crazy penguin who obviously likes to goof around. He is the kind of guy who would pull a prank on someone, and blame it on a random person who walks by. He is mostly happy and cheerful, but when it comes down to game play this guy gets hard core. Will his over happy personality be a good thing in the game, or a bad thing?

MiaPony9: MiaPony9 is an energetic, over happy penguin who doesn't care what people think of her. She is one of the few leaders of Club Penguin Gang Army, loves to chat on any chat and is good friends with Marquiz, Zxz192 and other CPGA Leaders. She doesn't care about populirty and doesn't like getting in fights, as long as eveyone is nice to her. Will she have what it takes to win Hollywood Survival?

Snowflakeoo: Snowflakeoo is a extremly girly CPG Mod. She doesn't like getting down and dirty, and thinks of herself as a princess. Her personality is very similiar to Snowbuddy555, who was the second evicted from Neighborhood Survival last season. Will she be able to stay in the game longer than Snowbuddy?

Theres also another top secret actor. He/she will come into Hollywood Survival a little later than everyone else, and will also be granted a special power!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, August 10, 2009

Challenge #10: Tournament Trial!

After 7 weeks of the Beastly Bunnies facing off against the Purple Puffles, the teams are finally dissolved! That means the rules will be the same as the first two challenges, were the person who comes in first is safe from elimination!

The tenth challenge of Neighborhood Survival is a tournament of multi player games. Since Bruen5 is on vacation, he will not be playing this challenge and is safe from elimination for this week. There will be three rounds, and the winner of the first two rounds will move on to the next. The games that have been chosen are Card Jitsu, Find Four and lastly Sled Racing. Below are the charts for who is facing who:

ROUND 1: Zxz192 VS Saavy
Saavy and Zxz will do a best out of three match playing Card Jitsu, Find Four and Sled Racing.

ROUND 2: Molly222 VS Hedgehog 14
Molly and Hedgehog will do a best out of three match playing Card Jitsu, Find Four and Sled Racing.

ROUND 3: Loser of Round One VS Loser of Round Two
These two losers will play a single game only of either Sled Racing, Card Jistsu or Find Four.

ROUND 4: Winner of Round One VS Winner of Round Two
The two winners will face off in a best out of three match, playing Sled Racing, Card Jitsu or Find Four. The winner of this round is safe from elimination.

Some of you have figured out a few of my clues twitter about the the voting, and most of you were right because the evicted neighbors WILL be voting off one of the members of the final four this week. This is your chance to get revenge on the people who got you evicted, so chose your vote wisely! That means that winning this challenge is more impotant than ever! Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday, after the challenge results.

WHEN: Thursday, August 13th
WHERE: Meet up at inside the Dojo
SERVER: Ice Palace
TIME: 1:00pm CP Timezon/ 4:00pm Estern Time

~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Hedgehog 14, Bruen5, Zxz192, Saavy and Molly222 have all made it to the final 5. For getting so far in the game, you guys are all in All~Star Survival which will take place next summer! If do or don't want to be in All~Star, please leave a comment now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aqua Party Highlights!

The Aqua Party turned out to be a ton of fun! About 30 people showed up, including Waddlecool, Fishboy, Sebastian7, Zxz192, Hedgehog 14, Himskater, Da Gamer, Brownie Wen, Marquiz, Gapboy999, Bob61732, Lil Mock, Imanono, Mryomama, Juh76, Popcornboy33, Cookie Wen, Toffee Win, Not Wen, Vote4Grape, Laurencat, Agent2310, Tiger Plus, Kyo100 and a few more people I can't think of!

We started off dancing on the construction work items at the Dock, and waited for everyone to arrive. I ended up meeting my "biggest fan ever" Imanono, and he was the 100th person I added to my buddy list!

We than headed to the Night and danced by the Music Maker. It was getting so packed with CPN fans, I decieded to play a few Dance contests with some members. Well I didn't do so great, Hedgehog 14 got her own personal high score by coming in second, and Zxz dominated the game!(To this day I haven't beat Zxz yet!)
After that we went to the Ski Hill, and I went sled racing with a few CPN fans. It was a lot of fun racing them down the hill, and I managed to win three times!

Towards the end of the party we went to the iceburg and danced at the tip. Everyone tried to tip it and some new timers found my blog by searching my name on the web. Pretty cool right?
I had lots of fun, and I think everyone else did too! Maybe we can hae another one soon?
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Peguin Award Ceremony #9

Hello Purple Puffles,
Weclome to the nineth Penguin Award Ceremony of the season. In front of me are three, tough penguins who have been able to survive nine weeks of challenges, battles and drama. Bruen5, you came into this game as a competitive person who will do anything it takes to win. Bob61732, you proved that you were able to out smart many other neighbors by survivng this long. Molly222, you turned out to be not only a strong player when it comes to challenges, but a smart game player as well. But one of you three puffles will be evicted from Neighborhood Survival for ever, never to return to the neighborhood again. The first penguin award of the night goes to...
Molly222, congratulations we'll be seeing you in the final 5!
Bruen, Bob, one of you will be getting a ticket the final five and the other, will be walking into the Limo. The last penguin award of the night goes to...
Bruen5 smirks. Bob starts to sweat.
B... B... B...
Bruen puts his glove out. Bob almost faints.
Bob61732, you are eliminated from Neighborhood Survival. Catch Bruen!

Bob, you have had one of the best experiences a person could have in Neighborhood Survival. You were hated by almost every single person, but you managed to make it past the half way point. You became good friends with Polar Amigo, Bruen5, Molly222 and Da Gamer (it took a while) while battling your way threw the game. No matter what anyone says, you proved to be a better competitor than Uncle Sonic, Snowbuddy555, Lil Mock 11, Polar Amigo, Da Gamer, Outtacntrll, Gapboy999 and Slider94 by survivng longer in the game.

~Frostylittle, President of CPN

P.S. Remember to come to the CPN Aqua Party today!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Talk Show: Episode 9!

Light Blue turned to Aqua... Red stayed the same... The audience grew angry when the packages of Aqua paint were tossed to them, even if it was a special treat...
All of the spot lights shut off but one large, orange glowing one. Frostylittle walked onto the stage, following the foot steps of the orange light, and smirked at the audience. The audience stood to their feet, clapping and screaming for Frosty high five them. Frost high fived a few of the front row members, and took a seat on his purple chair.

Frostylittle: HEEEELLLLLLOOOO lucky fans of Neighborhood Survival! I'm Frostylittle, the host of TS and the President of CPN, but you already knew that!
Snowbuddy555 giggles while starring at Frosty's hair with pink cheeks.

Frostylittle: Today we having a very, warm hearted guest. A guest that would rather help the poor than being be on this Talk Show. Please welcome in Slider94!
Hedgehog 14, Penny and Zxz192 cheer on their friend as he walks to the Seat of Shame.

Slider94: Hi Frosty, I'm pretty excited to be here!
Frosty grins at his happy comment.

Frostylittle: Ya, hi Slider... Whats up?
Slider shrugs.

Slider94: Um, the Talk Show of course!
Hedgehog and Penny start to laugh, but everyone but Slider stairs at the two blankly.

Frostylittle: Well DUH! You ready for some deep questions?
Slider nods.

Slider94: I guess so.
Slider gets a little nervous at Frosty's critical attitude.

Frostylittle: Ok than! Whats it like to be sitting in that Seat of Shame?
Slider thinks for a momment than answers.

Slider94: I'm sad to leave NS, but...
Hedgehog 14 starts to break out into tears.

Frostylittle: AHEM!
Bob tosses a football at hedgehog which makes her faint.

Frostylittle: Thanks Bob, ok Slider go on.
Bob gives a thumbs up to Frosty.

Slider94: I'm glad that none of my friends got voted off.
Frosty rolls his eyes well a few members of the audience say "Aw"

Frostylittle: Who were your best friends in Neighborhood Survival?
Slider points to the out cold Hedgehog and Zxz.

Slider94: Zxz192 and Hedgehog 14! Wohoo, go Bunnies! Yay...
Frosty starts to crack up.

Frostylittle: Ya keep working on that charisma!
Slider's eyes get a little wide~eyed.

Frostylittle: Dude, it was only a joke. What do you think of the dull Bob61732?
Slider tries to make his answer as nice as possible.

Slider94: Well hes sneaky, but I don't have much against the guy...
Zxz gets out of his seat.

Zxz192: HES NAKED!
Slider nods.

Frostylittle: What was your worst experience on Neighborhood Survival?
Slider smiles.

Slider94: Well getting voted off of course!
Hedgehog wakes up from her ten minute sleep.

Hedgehog 14: HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO GO!!!
Hedgehog throws a piece of hard popcorn at Frosty's hair. Frosty catches it, crumbles it into pieces and calls security on the over excited penguin.

Frostylittle: Who are the best competitors in Neighborhood Survival?
Slider shows some sadness about being voted off.

Slider94: Molly222, Zxz and Hedgehog 14! If I haven't got voted off, that could have meant that Zxz192 or Hedgehog 14 could have been evicted, which isn't so good for me!
Frosty starts to yawn.

Frostylittle: Well thats nice, once again... What would you call the best challenge in Neighborhood Survival?
Slider94 starts to think.

Slider94: Well dodgeball was fun... The Battle of the Bands was good to... I like them all, but the team matches were best!
Frosty shrugs.

Frostylittle: Sorry dude but since your evicted, you haven't been to every challenge!
Slider gets a little depressed.

Frostylittle: Who do you want to see leave this week, Molly Bruen5 or Bob?
Zxz192 and Agent start chanting Bob, and Snowbuddy screams "NOT MOLLY!"

Slider94: Sorry but Bob...
Bob gets a little red.

Frostylittle: Who do you think will be the final two?
Slide sighs.

Slider94: I want Hedgehog 14 and Zxz192 to be in it, but I guess Molly probably will be in it.
For the first time ever, a rush of anger filled Molly up.

Bob61732: Hey, at least shes still in Neighborhood Survival YOU SOAR LOSER!
Slider gets a little quite.

Frostylittle: We'll be right back after this commercial break!
Frosty is seen shirtless calmly standing on a diving board looking down at the large pool. He dives into an average sized splash and pulls his head above the water. In slow motion, he does one of his famous hair flips, winks at the camera and pulls out a bottle of hair jell.

VOICE: Hair jell X... The jell everyone wants...
A star flies across the TV screen with the words "CP's Got Talent!"
Deep Voice: Coming up next is the fifth episode of the hit series CP'S Got Talent! In this special episode Polar Amigo will do the inpossible by farting Beethoven's Fourth and Burping the Alphabet! Stay tuned!
The Talk Show appears back on the screen.

Frostylittle: Welcome back to the Talk Show! Its time for a new feature I like to call "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SLIDER!" I'm going to ask three lucky members of the audience what they think of Slider! First up is.... ZXZ192!
Zxz192 stands up in astonishment and jogs up to the stage.

Zxz192: I'M ON TV! Hi mom!
Zxz waves to the camera.

Frostylittle: I'm over here!
Zxz turns to Frosty.

Zxz192: Oh, right.
Molly and Penny start to laugh.

Frostylittle: What do you think of Slider94?
Zxz192 pulls out a notecard out of his pocket and reads from it.

Zxz192: Hes awesome! He doesn't get angry when you vote, and hes so cool!
Frostylittle smirks.

Frostylittle: Not as cool as me!
Zxz and Frosty exchange a high five.

Zxz192: True that!
Zxz runs off the stage waving to the camera.

Frostylittle: Next up is Penny Mickey!
Penny runs onto the stage and hugs Slider and Frosty.

Frostylittle: Whats your opinon on this guy?
Penny giggles.

Penny Mickey: Well hes SUPER nice and hes always helping out his friends!
Frosty rolls his eyes.

Frostylittle: Does anyone have anything negative about Slider!?!?!
Bob gets out of his seat.

Bob61732: I DO!
Bob walks up to the stage, grins at Slider out of the way and sits next to Frosty.

Frostylittle: Um, hi?
Bob gives a high five to Frosty and stairs blankly at Slider.

Bob61732: You know what? I HATE SLIDER94!!! Everyone thinks hes so nice and loving and sweet and kind and loveable! But hes not likeable! THE GUY IS SO FULL OF HIMSELF AND THINKS HES LIKE A GOD!
Frosty smirks.

Frostylittle: Finally some good drama!
Slider tries to shake hands with Bob but Bob turns away.

Slider94: Well I don't hate you Bob!
Bob gets up, and almost jumps onto Slider but the security guards start to hold him back.

Frostylittle moves he camera over to his face.

Frostylittle: Tune in next for a way more dramatic episode of...
The audience stands up.

Audience: THE TALK SHOW!!! YAY!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. Ok Puffles, you have to vote off someone starting today. I'll be posting the Penguin Award Ceremony Sunday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CPN Aqua Party!

Hi People.
In honor of celebrating the new penguin color, we're having a Aqua Party! A few people have asked to meet most of the cast members of Neighborhood Survival, so if your coming you might be sending some postcards out! It would be sweet if you spread the word around about the party, but I'm not forving you to.

WHEN: Sunday, August 9th
WHERE: The Dock
TIME: 4:00pm Estern Time/ 1:00 pm CP Timezon
SERVER: Ice Palace
Also, I heard Slider94 is having an Aqua Party himself tommorow. Check out his site for details!

~Frostylittle, President of CPN
P.S. I'll be posting the Talk Show later today, sorry if you've been waiting to see it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meeting Betas!

Hi Penguins.
Yesterday on Club Penguin, I logged on and meet two famous betas, James (the owner of the blog everyone seems to want) and Greenday (he also owns a site.) Saavy, Mathew722, Bon61732, Agent2310, Sebastian7 and Hedgehog 14 were on too and we had a lot of fun trying to get pictures with the betas.

James added every single person who sent an invite to him, but didn't talk that much. He mostly just put up emotions and danced with a large group of penguins. Up above is a picture I took while in the Night Club with him.
Greenday started out bitter and wouldn't add anyone. But once he arrived at the Night Club, he added me and a few other penguins who were being nice to him. After finally being persuwared t go to his igloo, he arrived and took a few pictures with me and Saavy.
Every time I meet a Beta, I always think about fun things that happened in the past to me. Probably because Beta's are all about the past!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, August 3, 2009

Challenge #9: Blogger Brawl!

The Purple Puffles have forfitted the challenge, so that means the Beastly Bunnies are safe from elimination this week, and there is no challenge! For more information, see the comment Molly left on this post.
The last team challenge of the season is a Blogger Brawl. Each team will make a blog (it must be using the domain Blogger) and add as many cool effects to it. This includes adding sidebars, backgrounds, tabs at the top of the page and a cool banner that matches the blog's theme! Be creative and try to make your web site neat and easy to use. The one with the most interesting posts and awesome blog style will win and be crowned safe from elimination.
One member of each team must create the blog, invite all of the teamates and leave a comment with the blog address. This challenge will end on Saturday, so be sure to give your best effort all week! Like always, the losing team will be sent to the Penguin Award Ceremony and will be voting off a neighbor forever.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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