Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chapter 1: The Diary of a Pooping Kid

"Frosty you're no longer the guy you were. What happened to you? You used to be the man but now your just washed up. You should just stop trying already and get over yourself."

Those words keep haunting my mind while I sit on a dirty toilet seat in a city restroom. The mirrors in this bathroom are cracked and graffiti covers the peeling walls. There's no one in here, just me. The peace is kind of nice for a change, I like the silence. This is the only place in the world where I can just sit and think things through.

Resting on my right leg is a beaten up notebook, and in my left hand is a mechanical pencil. I'm trying to write something that will allow me to hangout on my glorious throne for a few more months. Nothings juicing out of my brain. Any small idea I get just isn't good enough, I'm not expected to have small ideas. Everything I do needs to be all high and mighty, that's what they demand from me.

I feel like this fans don't understand my work like I do. They don't value the time and effort I put into my Game Show challenges. I could be writing for the school newspaper or rapping bars in front of an underground audience, but I chose not to. I give up valuable time for these online folks, and I can't remember the last time I've heard a thank-you. Everyone will appreciate me more when I'm gone.

Blogging for Club Penguin, that's all I think about on my free time. Everything in our little Club Penguin community revolves around the ideas I think of. I do it all by myself too. Every post on my site is from me, every challenge is hosted by me, and every twist is made by me. Who else does this kind of stuff entirely by themselves? I could ramble on for hours about my problems, but I don't. I'm too cool for that.

A door slams and someone walks in. Get out of here, I'm enjoying my alone time. Whoever this is must be looking in the mirror, because I've heard no stall door shut. I'll just leave, I've been sitting in here for at least 20 minutes. Besides, I kind of want to pose in the mirror too. Whats wrong with flexing?

I pull up my pants and flush down some gooey brownies. Man, I just stunk this whole bathroom up! That protein's gotta go somewhere I suppose. I fling open the stall door, walk towards the sink and gather some fluffy white soap. I scrub my hands together over some warm water and check out my biceps in the mirror. I look so good...

This guy next to me has been staring at his reflect for a solid 10 minutes. His hairs died blonde, he's got quite a few freckles and he's wearing a light blue sweatshirt. Who cares what he looks like, he seems like a cool dude. Over the past few months I've taught myself not to judge people and to accept everyone for who they are. I wouldn't want to be judged for my appearance, right?

"Frosty, is that you?"

Lets unleash our dark side!

Have you ever seen a horror film? "Oh my gosh, don't look behind the shower curtain!" Scary movies are loaded with bloody death scenes. While some movies can be a bit cheesy, others have the ability to cause horrifying nightmares! According to campfire stories, Witty12 laughs at horror films...

This week, the neighbors must act out their own Horror Scene live on Club Penguin. The remaining competitors will each be given 5 minutes to perform a scary movie moment. During the scene, a penguin must die a dramatic death! Feel free to ask other penguins to join in on the performance. Entertain the audience!

Let the evil laughter begin!


~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. Confirm your spot for the challenge by dropping a comment.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Story-Book Survival Introduction

*Image captured during Story-Book Survival challenge back in 2010*

As a boy growing up,

I used to create 100 paged picture books telling stories about the Super Mario brothers and other beloved Nintendo heroes. I would describe my writing techniques as a form of therapy. I think the best part of publishing stories on a Club Penguin blog is hearing the different reactions of the readers. I believe every teenager can relate to the problems I face in my life, and I hope you Club Penguin-ers do take the time to appreciate my work.

Story-Book Survival is meant to be read and interpreted. As a reader, your job is to analyze my passages independently. There is no such thing as misunderstanding my text. I refuse to answer any questions about my material... That would be like spoiling a Disney movie.

No exclamation points this post?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. Remember, Story-Book Survival starts officially this Sunday.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Story-Book Survival Cast Wallpaper!

Thank ya very much Master Ron Champ! (Hey over here: Click the picture to enlarge...)

This week is one of those slow, sleepy weeks for Club Penguin Neighborhood. Nothings really going on, and everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for Story-Book Survival to begin. Luckily for you, Sir Timelord Ron the magnificent decided to design a cast wallpaper featuring every current (and evicted) contestant of SBS! Add this rocking group photo to your phone, use it as your computer background, stick it up on your boxy fridge, staple it to your mom's nose... Et cetera!

Well, do you have any last minute questions involving Story-Book Survival?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neighborhood Survival Season 2 Awards!

Thank-you for an amazing season!

Frostylittle (That's me!) created and hosted Neighborhood Survival Season 2 all by himself. I may have been the only penguin working behind the scenes, but you Frostyflakes are the fans who kept the show going! Every neighbor dedicated so much time into each challenge, and all of us deserve to pat ourselves on the back. (Especially you Matbolabc!) Season 2 made life on the internet during the summer months exciting, because of readers like you! 

Above is a video showing the reward show results for season 2 of Neighborhood Survival. Congratulations winning neighbors!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. Can you guess what instrumental song is used in the video?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Story-Book Survival Schedule!

Whats up everyone?

Story-Book Survival is a blast from the past. Every competitor who participated in 2010 worked their hardest every week! I put a lot of hard work into creating every challenge and writing all of the chapters. To be truthfully honest, hosting a Club Penguin Game Show is a treat for me. Anyway, below is the official schedule of Story-Book Survival! If you have any complaints, suggestions or questions please let me know by leaving a comment.

Story post: Every story post will be up at midnight eastern time on Sundays! Basically, this important post will be broken up into two sections. The first part will be a chapter of Story-Book Survival, written by me! The second section will be the guidelines and a description of that week's challenge. Every week every competitor of Story-Book Survival must confirm their spot at the challenge by commenting on this post. Easy right?

Live challenge: The live challenges will take place on Friday nights! During each challenge, all of the competitors should be logged onto Club Penguin and the Frostyflakes chat. Last season the competitions were held at 5:00 PM PTZ. Does that still work for you?

Results post: The results for a Story-Book Survival challenge are not up every work! These spiffy posts are only posted on Fridays if the challenge is not live. Remember that cereal box designing competition?

Death post: The death post is up on Club Penguin Neighborhood every Saturday. This post reveals the evicted contestant, in a spooky way! One of the competitors will brutally die in a passage written by Frostylittle. (That's me... Duh!) These posts will be stuffed with gooey blood, pointy needles and tons of tears! If Story-Book Survival was a movie, what would it be rated?

When should Story-Book Survival start?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. After season 1 of Neighborhood Survival, an award show was held! This was the first time a Club Penguin Game Show had ever done anything like this. Maybe it will happen again...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Take a Picture of Your Penguin!

Hello my orange fellows!

Story-Book Survival has a beast cast stuffed with good looking penguins. Tim250 carries around a talking bunny, Wiiwiiwii1's head is fully shaved and Penny Mickey is growing a golden beard! Aw... You guys are picture perfect! Every Story-Book Survival contestant is required to submit a screenshot of their penguin as soon as possible. Just snap a pic without a background, upload it to a photo service and drop a link below in the comment section! Cool beans right?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. Please make the background of your picture transparent! (Unlike the above image...)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cast of Story-Book Survival!

Hey dudes and dudettes!

Story-Book Survival was started way back in 2010, and sadly it was left unfinished. Due to it's increasing popularity, SBS is being rebooted right now! A week ago, Frostylittle (That's me!) asked you Frostyflakes to vote in the competitors you want to return to complete the season. Solely based on your votes, here is the entire cast of Story-Book Survival!

Below are the contestants who were voted back in to compete in Story-Book Survival! Alexa and DaGamer decided to give away their spots to some familiar faces. (Be sure to thank them!) I wonder who will "die" first...

Tim250: Tim250 is a spiffy and corny teenage waddler! This toast lover runs a Club Penguin story blog with his pal Andy the Lego, and spends much of his internet time on local chats. Can Tim the talking toast escape the heat of this competition's toaster?
Hedgehog14: Hedgehog14 is a bubbly blonde athletic who is friends with everyone. She is quite the popular chatter around Xat rooms, and she knows how to start a wacky conversation! Can this fluffy mammal scurry to end of Story-Book Survival?
Slider94: Slider94 is a Club Penguin journalist who runs the famous Spiffy Magazine. This is the third time that Sir Spiffy will be in a Survival series game show... That's a record breaker! Can Slider finally party rock his way to the last chapter of Story-Book Survival?
Penny Mickey: Penny Mickey is a socially awkward smarty pants who is not allowed to wear short shorts! Ms. Mickey is deeply obsessed with a boy she nicknamed "Stalker," and she treats her Twitter like a diary page. Can this "flat soda bottle" prove her power in the world of Club Penguin Game Shows?

Andre: Andre also known as Ty Waddles is a low key chatter who roams Club Penguin Xat rooms. He has an intense love for the Pokemon video game series... One of his favorite pokemon creatures is the mysterious Umbreon! Can this Nintendo fanboy type his way to end of Story-Book Survival?

Wiiwiiwii1: Wiiwiiwii1 is an AFL football playing Australian jock head! Wii is a very easy going dude who famously responds to certain questions by typing "yer". Can the red white and blue piggy scream "Wii!" all the way home?
Site: None

Andy the Lego: Andy the Lego is as spiffy as a "Lego my eggo!" television commercial! Along with Tim250, Andy is the founder of a happy-do-da story telling blog that got popular overnight. Can he build a lego army to shoot down his opponents?

Below are the original descriptions written by Frostylittle (That's me!) back in 2010 for the evicted contestants. Unfortunately, everyone listed below was officially "killed" in Story-Book Survival. I wonder if anyone is crying with the devil...

Athletico96: Athletico96 is strong, patriot penguin who has been well known for his business in the armies of Club Penguin. He is most known for being the creator and leader of the Club Penguin Gang Army, one of the biggest armies in CP history. He has been known as a type of penguin to never give up, and he may be one of the best team captains in history.

Saavy: Saavy is a happy, well known Club Penguin Gang moderator. He is 14 years old, and waddles around Club Penguin wearing a blue propeller hat. Last season he made a secret alliance with Molly222 to the final 2, and it shockingly worked out great even though he lost. This year he promises to be completely honest, and he may be one of the key team players on the Hero side.

AquaBlue500/Dunnker: AquaBlue500, otherwise known as Dunnker on Club Penguin is a cheerful, funny penguin who found $10 dollars on the ground a few days ago. He loves to play soccer, eat ice cream and bowl occasionally. Dunnker seems to be very excited and happy for the most part, which could help his game play in Story-Book Survival. His soccer skills just might be useful in one of the SB Survival challenges.

Bob61732: Bob61732 is one of the most hated penguins in Club Penguin history. He enjoys twisting terrible stories up in order to make himself seem more evil, and screaming at people on online chats. However, Bob is actually a 14- year old computer nerd in real life, and is often bullied at his school. Many penguins fear even standing next to this naked penguin on CP, others may not. Strangely, Bob seems to hit on penguins A LOT...

Sebastian7: Sebastian7 is a Club Penguin loving kid who enjoys working greatly on his blog. Seb often tries to make himself seem very famous, but usually is caught in small lies. He seems to love being on the computer, and considers himself a "very good graphic designer". Sebastian does not let much information about him leak out into the Internet, and has made the wise choice of not being on Xat chats too much.

Dagamer/Matt James: DaGamer is basically everything his name tells you, a video game loving guy who has a liking to the first names Matt and James. He is currently about to quit Club Penguin for good, but I was able to persuade him to sign up for one more season of tortue. This gamer enjoys playing any online game you give him, and has a healthy habbit of going on xat chats. This time he might be able to win it all...

Alexa/Popcorn: Alexa is one of those happy, popcorn eating girls. She enjoys chatting on xat chats about how this guy looked at her or how she hates her math teachers. Alexa is the owner and founder of AMGJ chat, made after Cena12121 closed his all time famous chat. Some people claim her to be full of gossip, others say she just can't stop talking. Every time a person sees her on chat, they yell "What's popping popcorn!" (Not really)

Agent2310: Agent2310 is an awkward graphic designer who seems to creep out many of his chatter friends. He often makes the mistake of opening his mouth when he is not meant to, and gets himself into some hot fire. In a way, Agent seems to be a loner type and has a mysterious story behind him. Nobody actually knows what Agent is like, except for one of his closest friends who has been nothing but nice throughout his entire career on CP.

Ready to Rock?
Comment to confirm your spot!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Story-Book Survival Is Back!

Once upon a time...

There was a Neighborhood Survival spin-off series by the name of Story-Book Survival! This special season was based entirely off of a story-book, written by Frostylittle. (That's me!) The stories I wrote were stuffed with bloody horror scenes, controversial messages and crazy characters from around Club Penguin! The season was cancelled in 2010 because of my personal problems, and it has become a cult hit ever since...

Story-Book Survival is back again! There were 4 remaining penguins when this Club Penguin game show got was ripped down from CPN's history... But now the season is being finished with 7 contestants! These lucky penguins will waddle through 6 weeks of original Club Penguin fun. The last one standing will be crowned the winner of Story-Book Survival, and will rewarded a 2-month Club Penguin membership!

The end...

Which former Story-Book Survival contestants should participate in the top 7?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

P.S. Happy birthday Bumbleface!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Matbolabc Wins Neighborhood Survival!

Bruen5 slams a baseball out of Fenway Park and across the Atlantic Ocean. The ball bounces onto a tea-sipping Saavy who tweets in pain. Saavy throws his hot beverage out of anger and a blob of tea floats through the air. The tea lands on Polar Amigo's juicy cheese burger when he was busy dumping pounds of ketchup onto the meat. Polar chows down the burger anyway and farts out a deadly orange gas.

A rich Molly222 who was busy walking her rainbow puffle inhales the smoke. She stops, drops to the ground and pukes non stop. The chunky liquid flows down a stuffy city street and splashes onto the nude Witty12. Witty bursts into tears and runs in circles. CammyCam09 appears from a dark alley and grabs Witty's glitter purse.

Cammy hops into a dumpster breathing heavily. "Pika-chuuu!" The dumpster zaps into dust and Gapboy999 appears holding a pokeball. He captures Cammy and flies into the sky surfing on Cammycam09's back. (Epic, in the Pokemon series Cammycam09 can learn how to fly!) "Oh no... You bumped into a wild Ron Champ!"

Timelord Ron uses a special move called twitter blast that causes Gapboy and Cammycam to explode into bits! Mr. Champ laughs evilly, but is shot down by Fox McCloud's ship. The Arwing (Ahem... Star Fox ship!) is controlled by Wiiwiiwii1, who is at his australian home playing Star Fox on his Nintendo Wii. Wii accidentally crashes his Awring into a steep mountain and "Game Over!" flashes on the TV screen...

The doorbell rings and waiting at the door is a spiffy girl scout who goes by the name of Slider94. Slider forces poop-like cookies down Wii's throat and Wii magically turns into unicorn. Mr. 94 hops into the unicorn and dashes over a rainbow. At the end of the rainbow is a jolly piece of Toast by the name of Time250. "Got any butter?" Slider shakes his head.

Tim slices off Slider's head with a long fingernail (Of course a piece of toast has a fingernail!) and eats the entire unicorn in one bite. The happy do-da toast decides to hit the local club and to meet some new girls.  At the center of the dance floor is a Party-rocking soda bottle that goes by the name of Penny Mickey. It was love at first sight... Tim needed to taste that soda!

Mr. 250 rips off Penny Mickey's bottle cap (Her head!) and sucks down a good amount of soda. Unfortunately, the soda turned out to be flat and Tim transforms into a cactus. A now headless Penny Mickey rolls around the dance floor and eventually loses all of her liquid which causes her to die. At least no one will ever have to taste that dog pee again...

A rough and tough Bumbleface emerges from a crowd of dancing penguins. She challenges the innocent Matbolabc to a dance duel! Bumble starts it off by spinning on her head... That's her only dance move. Mr. Bolabc does the Michael Jackson moonwalk and rips off his shirt. "K.O.!" The crowd of groovy penguins start cheering and Bumbleface melts into a black liquid. Mat holds his fist to the ceiling and cries in happiness.
Matbolabc is the winner of Neighborhood Survival!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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