Monday, December 7, 2009

Becoming a Gangster: Video!

Many of you already know that CPN has created a Youtube Channel and is broadcasting random videos about Club Penguin occasionally. Well here is one f those random videos, and this one is a guide on "How to Become a Gangster"! Many of the actors in this video did a terrible job at performing (no offense) and it was filmed very poorly, almost similar to a home made video. If you watch the video closely, you will most likely be able to see the "Oh this video is so stupid it's funny!" message hidden inside of it.

NOTE: The video might appear blurry and bad picture for you right now, that's because it's still being progressed. Wait a little while, than watch!*

All I ask if you rate and subscribe to my youtube channel today! Tell me how you felt watching this by leaving a comment on this very post!
~Frostylittle, President of CPN~

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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