Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet the Cast of NS!

Polar Amigo: Polar Amigo is a member of this blog, and is the craziest too! He HATES people who are organized, and doesn't care much for manners! His crazy personality makes him get in trouble often!
BLOG: Only this one

Gapboy999: Gapboy999 is the youngest member of this blog and the entire Neighborhood Survival He's playful, always happy and likes to play soccer. Will other neighbors use this young penguin to their advantage?
BLOG: Only this one

Bruen5: Bruen5 is yet another member of this blog. He LOVES baseball, and his entire life has revolved around it. Will his knowledge of baseball help him in THIS game?
BLOG: This one and...

Uncle Sonic: Uncle Sonic: Uncle Sonic is a football loving penguin. He's active, talkitive and full of life. He was the last penguin to join Neighborhood Survival. Can he handle the hard core pressure of NS?

Outtacntrll: Outtacntrll, as his name suggest is a pretty wild penguin! He is very dedicated to his blog, Club Penguin Cheats and is getting to be pretty well known! Can he control himself enough to win this competition?

Lil Mock 11: Lil Mock is a cool, layed back penguin who loves to hang out on CP. He skateboards, plays video games, Planet Cazmo, and plays a few sports. His name may say he's small, but on the inside this dude is like a bull!

Da Gamer: Da Gamer, is, pretty obviously a penguin who LOVES video games! He knows every thing to do with games, and goes on Pirates Online, Toontown, Club Penguin, Planet Cazmo, Maple story, and even Free realms! Can he use his game smarts to blast threw the competition?

Bob123456789: Bob was the first and biggest fan of our old blog, Club Penguin Global Academy. He admits that he isn't the most interesting penguin out there, and doesn't really care! Will his dull personality cost his game?
BLOG: None

Saavy: Saavy is a Club Penguin Gang Mod, and is very proud of it too! He is talkative, hipper and hates homework! Will he be able to stay calm through out the competition?

Slider94: Slider94 is a pretty cool guy. He's sorta layed back, and is always being kind to everyone. He is currently running a pretty sweet blog, and is on the road to fame! Will anyone get aggravated with his cool personality?
Zxz192: Zxz192 is a pretty chilled out penguin. He's good friends with Lil Mock, a moderator on Darkuma's blog and is managing his one blog. Will his friendship with Lil Mock survive?

Molly222: Molly222 is the Vice President of this very blog, CPN. She is kind, good hearted and is a friend to everyone she sees. Will her loving personality be an advantage or disadvantage in the game?
BLOG: This one and...

Hedgehog 14: Hedgehog 14 is a very random penguin. She LOVES hedgehogs, as her name suggest and even post funny pictures of them on her blog! Will her goofy personality distract the other neighbors? You'll just have to find out!

Snowbuddy555: Snowbuddy555 was a member of my old blog, Club Penguin Global Academy. She was the ONLY member not to move on to this site, and now she is a part of Molly222 CP Cheats. Is she coming back to revenge herself? I'm scared!!!
BLOG: Team member on

Wow! I just noticed there's A LOT more boys than girls! So, how do you like the cast so far?

-Frostylittle, President of CPN

P.S. A lot of penguins have been asking me why I'm the only one posting right now. The reason is all of the other team members have jobs that involve cheats! Take a look on the side bar to find out there job! Oh, and to be honest, I'm not that good at finding cheats!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Two More Cast Members Needed!

Hey guys! Right now, I've been getting a lot of emails asking me to allow more penguins to join. Since we have ten penguin entries now, (The army leader I was talking about earlier quit!) and some penguins are still asking to join, I decieded why not! So, I bumped the number of penguins up to 12, and I'm kinda still hunting for them! All I ask is if you can spread the word around a little bit, and if you know any penguins who might be interisting in joining tell me! Right now, two penguins that are on the top of my list is darkpuma and Fishboy2( The dude is a penguin from the UK, so he might be a good adition to the list!) It would be SWEEEEEET if you guys could help with finding them!
-Frostylittle, President Of CPN

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Talk Show!

Was up penguins!

Like many of you already know, I will be hosting Neighborhood Survival this summer. As part of the deal, I'll also be the host of a morning Talk Show Segment, called "The Talk Show". After every penguin is evicted, I'll ask them a few questions about their experience. Up above is a picture of the setting of thr talk show, I tried to make it look as cool as possible! The latest evicted penguin will sit in the red chair to the right of where I'm sitting, which I call "The Chair of Shame!" Hopefully for all you penguins who entered this competition won't be sitting in that chair any time soon! Remember, we ARE still taking sign ups!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN


Hello Penguins! As many of you know, we have been advertising a lot of club penguin blogs. Now, you can advertise our blog by copying and pasting the pictures below. That would rock if you put it on your site!




More coming soon!

~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cast Revealed!?!?!

Sup My Penguin People!

A LOT of penguins out that have been asking to join Neighborhood Survival! Here is a short description for each penguin who joined.

-A Baseball fan

-A younger penguin

-A hedgehog (sounds crazy right!)

-An army leader

-A kind penguin

-A CRAZY penguin

-An out of control penguin!

-A cool with a "K" penguin

-A revenge full penguin

- A "lil" penguin

- A number one fan

Can you figure out who each of them are? Remember, we are still looking for one more penguin! If I get more than one more person who wants to join, I might have to bump the number of penguins up a little bit...

-Frostylittle, President Of CPN

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Invitations Have Been Sent!

Hey Guys! Have you seen the pictures of the CPN team on the right side bar? Well if you click on any of them, they will lead directly to that penguin's bio! Now that is SWEEEEET!
In other words, I have sent some selected few penguins invitations asking them to join a summer event held by me. Here was the invitation:

Dear (Whoever),

You, and ten other penguins involved some how in CPN are invited for a Summer Eviction game that will take part this summer. Once a week, I will give each of the ten penguins a challenge. (usually some thing involving CP) Than, the one penguin that doesn't complete the challenge at all or performs poorly will be evicted. For this competition to work, you'll probably need an email or blog,(which you have) so I'll have proof for the challenges. I'll be hosting the competition, and it will be called Neighborhood Survival. It would be an honor for you to join. Do you want to join?

-Frostylittle, President of CPN.

P.S. Don't worry if you going on vacation for a week or so, I'll make sure your safe!

Most of the penguins who received this invitations are either part of the CPN team, have helped in making CPN or are advertised on this site. Here is the list of penguins who ARE INVOLVED WITH CPN.
3.Polar Amigo
5. Brownie Wen
9.Bob123456789 (First fan of CPGA)
10.Twilight (First follower of CPN)
Here is a list of people who were randomly selected:
3. Mimo777
And a few more penguins who I can't think of!
If YOU want to be in this Summer Challenge, Leave a comment and I'll be sure to squeeze you end! More info coming soon!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, May 25, 2009

BIO: Check out Bruen5!

Job: The Party Planner
Status: On and Off
Gender: Male
Personality: Competitive

Hey whats up guys! I'm bruen5 but you can just call bruen. I go on the server Ice Palace and love to chill at the Coffee Shop. My favorite game is Cart Surfer which I'm a pro at! Even though right now I'm a non-member, I switch back and forth from member to non member very often! I'm one of the of the CPN team members so I'll post here once in awhile! Do you have a favorite cp game?

Until next time!

-Bruen5, The Party Planner

BIO: Get to Kow Gapboy999!

Job: Happy Camper
Status: Non-Member
Gender: Male
Personality: Kidish

Yo dudes! My name is Gapboy999 and I LOVE club penguin! I'm a non-member but I still think Club Penguin is AWSOME! You can always have tons of fun on CP even if you can't buy clothes, go to member exclusive areas or decorate your igloo! It's fun sometimes just to hang out with your buddies! I go on diffrent servers all the time. I love to hang out my friends like Molly222 and Frostylittle! I'm also the youngest member on the team, which has its ups and downs! My favorite item is the rubber green duck. Whats yours? You can catch me hanging out at the pizza parlor all the time!

Well see yah!

-Gapboy999, Pin Player

Sunday, May 24, 2009

BIO: Party With Polar Amigo!

Job: The Poll Person
Status: Member
Gender: Male
Personality: Crazy
YO GUYS!!!!!!!! I started about two years ago. Right away my favorite game was bean counters. Now I'm returning and its grea!t My new favorite game is jitsu card Battle with sensei. I'm currently a red belt. My favorite place to hang is at my house, which is a bamboo hut. It's 2 years old!! I'm probably the only one in cp that has it!!!! My favorite outfit is my jingle outfit which contains the magic hat, king's cape, skull shirt, crystal staff and elves shoes. It's crazy!!!! I'm not a normal guy in club penguin! My favorite food is french fries. I have three puffles, green, black and red. They rule! Well I'm off to a secret mission, so catch you on CP! Polar Amigo is OUT!!!!!!!!!
-Polar Amigo The Poll Person

Contacting this site

Contacting this site is easy and addicting to do. Just send as an email at: for any kind of question, concern, donation or idea.
A lot of people may question the fact of donating a penguin to CPN. Well donating a penguin to this site is a very good idea, because we promise to give away your penguin with in a month to the public, either in a random giveaway or an actual contest. If you have a deal to make with CPN, it's best to get in touch with us by email rather than on xat. You may have a very cool idea your willing to share with us, and that's why we encourage you to email away!
All emails will be replied to with in a 24 hour period.
*Sometimes we may giveaway coin codes to random emailers!*

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi I'm Frostylittle, a orange dude with great hair, a famous waddler in the world known as Club Penguin and most of all, just a regular penguin like you. This is my life story on the virtual snowy island from start to now.

In the 4th grade, almost every single kid in my class were talking about the latest buzz "Club Penguin". People described it as another world locked inside the guarded Internet and a land for kids a like to gather for fun. It was said to have endless games for any age to play, and anyone who was anyone had an account. This was my first year at this school, so I was a little quite listening to these shots of information being shot at my head, and I didn't really know what to do; make an account or be a nobody?

On the second week of school I was invited to a kid screen named "Pigatron"s (click name for picture) house to hang out. He asked if I had an account on the virtual game known as Club Penguin, and I said I didn't even know how to create one. Pigatron looked at me, a stair I would never forget, and pleasantly smiled. He took me to his computer, and showed me step by step how to create a virtual penguin.

I was so over filled with joy I quickly ran home and hopped on my computer. Remembering the helpful steps, I was able to almost complete my account, but faced one program; what to name it. In the other room my younger brother screen named "Gapboy999" (click name for picture) was watching a Classic Movie on Disney called "Stuart Little". I thought for a quick moment, and an idea hit me like a truck hitting a fat man; Penguins are Frosty, and these ones are little: Frosty-little. What a name eh?

Pigatron said the coolest server in school was Ice Palace, and he said he would meet me at his igloo. At first I mistaken the Coffee Shop for his igloo, but he guided me around and back to his igloo. I added him to my buddy list, and he became my first friend on Club Penguin. The next day "Molly222" my younger sister and "Bruen5" my younger cousin joined the virtual snowy, game. Not too long later Gapboy999 and"Polar Amigo" my neighbor signed up for an account. Little did we know that the five of us would create the website of many's dreams...

I was always a follow from the first day I searched "Club Penguin cheats" on google of Mimo777's Club Penguin Gang. I thought of his site as amazingly spectacular, and my dream was to make one similiar to his. So I started "Club Penguin Global Academy" as a basic cheat site, and experienced my first hint of blogger. Through that process I teamed up with "Brownie Wen" a graphic designer who offered to design CPGA.

To be honest, when I look back at CPGA I think of one sentence, "Wow, that's one crappy blog". Some people question why I leave the blog open to the public, but I know it was right to do. CPGA stores memories of fun and shows the beginning of my journey to everyone, so I strongly suggest you look into it. I tasted the first scoop of the massive Club Penguin Sunday, but I wasn't ready to lose yet.

I made this blog "Club Penguin Neighborhood" and not to brag, but I mastered the host Blogger. I was able to figure out how to do things with the simplest tools, and was asked by many to help design a template for their sites. I mastered html coding, customizing templates, editing fonts, CSS and simply blogging itself. Not many people are able to create some of the things I did to CPN using Blogger, and that is one of the biggest achievements I made in Club Penguin.

Sadly, Pigatron quit Club Penguin, and our small friendship ended in a heat beat. I was deeply saddened when I heard he moved away, and I never saw or seen him again. To make him proud, I created this site, and shared my love of writing with the online universe. I tried my hardest to be unique, and came up with some of the most creative things in the Club Penguin world.

When I came into Club Penguin, I wanted to be everything and take any chance I can to try everything. I was an army leader for a short period of time, a blogger, a cheats poster, a host of an eviction game, a some what famous penguin and over all, just a regular guy. There are still many things I haven't became yet, and I plan to be everything a person can be.

~Frostylittle, President of CPN

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to Get Advertised On This Blog!

Have you noticed that blogs like Behind The Penguin and Molly222 CP Cheats are being advertised above? Want your blog up there? Well then follow the steps below:
Step 1- Leave a comment giving your FULL blog address and your penguin name.
Step 2- If you DON'T want us to make your advertisement, email me at griffdog200@aol.con
Step- If you CAN'T email, post the advertisement picture some where on your blog and leave a comment telling us how to get it!
If you want to get your blog advertised here, sign up fast! While this blog is currently not opened and is in construction, we're expecting fans to pour in once it opens!
OPENING DAY: June 26, 2009
-Frostylittle President of CPN

Club Penguin Is the Best!

Without Club Penguin this Club Penguin Game Show would not exist. Thank-you Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Kyrsko for creating Club Penguin!
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