Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Neighborhood Survival: Sign up Now!

Welcome back to Club Penguin Neighborhood!
Looking for a little excitement in your life? This is your chance to be apart of Club Penguin's biggest game show in history! I'm offering you a chance at online fame and success, which is very valuable in a virtual world. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

14 lucky penguins will experience the best that Club Penguin has to offer. If you make the cut, you'll be going on an adventure of a life time! I promise you the memories of Neighborhood Survival will stay inside of you forever. You don't have anything to lose, so sign up and cross those fingers!

Every week a challenge will be held for all of the contestants, and every week someone will be eliminated from the competition. The last one standing wins a 3 month membership to Club Penguin, which is a gift that will satisfy anyone! I guarantee competing against new and old friends will be funner than anything you have ever done before. The twists and turns that occur during my game show will leave you speechless!

Summer is the best season of the year, so why now spice it up by entering this real game show? Sign up now by leaving a comment below!

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood


Alexa said...

Sup bro?
It's Alexa.
I'm 14 and pretty much the most gingerific person you've ever met. I've been playing Club Penguin for like, 5 years, but my member was hacked and banned. -.- I hope I can be in this season beacause I was in the top 10 last season and it was super duper fun.
soyeh, peace bro!

SaMIsAwEsOmE said...

Hey frost :)
Ees Hannah :P
12, and sort of random/annoying xD. Played CP for about 3 years now. I hope I'll be in teh season :P Because the other season I was in, then out before it started. o_o Mk! Cya!

Anonymous said...

im in :P my email is cpmaster20@gmail.com btw my name is Green (Green1392)

Master Ron said...

Ello Frosty, ello world!
I'm Ron (Champ, Master Ron), approximately 920 days old in CP, 12 years old in real life. Not a member at the moment. Also, I live in Brazil.
I'm a big fan of Frostylittle and this could be my first ever season of his gameshows, so I hope I can enter!
Cya :-D

DaGamer said...

How long has it been?
I've been missing the old times,
glad we have one last season to enjoy it, who knows? Maybe a third? Anyways, I'm wasting your time, I'll get on with it.

I'm DaGamer,
former blogger, game player of countless games, started to play games at the age of 6.
Lets see... I made my Club penguin account when I was 9 I believe...

My penguin's name Matt James, and today he is 1737 days old. Yikes..
Some people say I'm a bit weird at times, I am unique, yatta yatta yatta.

Over time, I have met countless Club Penguin fans who started sites, blogs, fanpages, or what not about Cp. But let me tell you this,
Club Penguin Neighborhood, had to be the best, because over time.. you develop friendships with people all across our planet. You get to meet new people, who won't look at you with the "Hes weird" face since this is, CPN and THATS how it goes around here.

I'd be happy to join this new season, and I hope I have time this summer, to kick all your guy's butts just like old times, hahaha jk jk jk (:

Anyways, Goodluck to all you who get picked, hope I do too!


Hedgehog 14 said...

Hiya frostylittle! Its hedgey!

I'm currently 14, but in less than a month ill be turning 15!
I live on the beach, in the USA.
Im a girl. Hopefully by now you know that... XD

Ive played club penguin for about 4 years now, and i was on the first gameshow you hosted, and a few others.

Personality wise, im very hyper, spontaneous, kind, and truthful. I love playing sports, drawing, and reading.

I hope to be in this new season, I can already tell its gonna be a blast!!


Sean said...

hello its bruen5 i wanna sign up like last and win this year if u let me. and i think molly222 should be able to play

Toasty Tim said...

The name is Tim.
Im 13 and am very random/hyper/moody at times (most happy) I've played Club Penguin since pretty much the start.
I hope I can join you for another season and show the other people that I made it to the final four last year for a reason, to win. ;)
thanks for coming back. we missed our orange friend

Anonymous said...

Hi frosty molly222 here I"m nice,friendly and curious I have been on club penguin for 2 years now and I would like to be on another season!


Anonymous said...

Hi frosty

Its gapboy999 i'm been on club penguin for 2 years and i"m nice,friendly,layed-back and can't wait to be on another season!


Anonymous said...

Its Bumble!
I'm 12. I love pools I'm very defensive over them so please don't dis :)I also like pogo sticks and watermelon and any fruit really I love being busy and having fun. :) I've been playing Cp for a little over 2 years! I think.
I hope I get in this season because I was never in one before..Kinda shocking I know, but I didn't do game shows back then so yeah.
Bye! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi frosty,
Hi its Bob123456789 and i would like to be on another season on cp i'm funny,cool,athletic and i would really like to be on another season


Matbolabc said...

So... here I am again commenting again, and some really happy memmories are coming back to my head. I'd greatly enjoy another chance at a CPN gameshow, even though some may not think I deserve it... I want to erase the negative past and comment like I have never been here before.

Hi, my name is Matbolabc and I am a very old vetran of Club Penguin. I am recently 17 years old... in a way I am ashamed of this, but I am putting my pride aside and being open and honest. (Hard to believe, I was 15 when I signed up for SBS...)
Having joined Club Penguin at a mere 13, I think my age gives me an advantage... maybe a little more experience?
I'm sure most that are reading this know that I competed in the first season of CPSkool, it was my first experience but once the gameshow started up I knew that I would make memmories that would last forever, and I did... after 3 months I was crowned the winner of CPSkool's first season, and also the first boy to ever win a gameshow, which to me, means a whole lot.
After I won CPSkool, I stuck around as the co-host, and have made dozens upon dozens of life-long relationships that I will cherrish forever... And after losing Penguin874, I became the Main Owner of CPSkool, which is still going strong after its fourth season ended last summer.
I think that shows I have some leadership skills...

I will stop talking around in circles... I'm sorry. I think that I have experience when it comes to gameshows and I could get really far with the people I care about, and hopefully I get to showcase this.
I am very old, but I'd like to think of my age as an advantage, I believe I am a Club Penguin Vetran and I am proud of that... The reason I am still around today is to watch over CPSkool and the life-long friends that I have made. Although I have moved on from Club Penguin, I would love to have one last shot at doing what I truly love to do, which is competing in gameshows.
If I were to win, I would give my prize to my 9-year-old brother, Austin. He is in love with Club Penguin, and has never had the chance to be a member. I'd love to give it to him, it's the least I could do for him because he has always been the greatest brother I could ask for, and one of the strongest people I have known too, even though he is only 9. He is my adopted brother who has come to my family from an abusive and drug-addicted mother. He is my life, and I know that if I did this small favor for him, it would mean a lot...

Overall, I consider myself a vetran to CP, a leader, a solid brother and friend to many, and I really hope you give me another chance to shine at what I truly love to do.


Pok├ęShadow76 said...

Hola Frosty.
It's Andre, you know me, of course. :P
I bes 13, 14 in July...
Been playing CP since, like, '06 (I think?), so like 5 years
I stopped playing CP forever ago for the reason that it no longer interests me.
Despite this, I would like to be in CPN for the competitive aspect and the fun challenges.
I was in the last season...forget how far I made it. So, I'll leave you with that. Byenow. :P

Slider94 said...

Hey frost! It's been a long time! I was scrolling through the website just now and WOW awesome memories! Well here we go! I'm Slider94 been around like FOREVER! I was in NS and made lifetime friends! I have a feeling this reboot will be an awesome reunion! Even though I technically quit the cp world... I come back every now and then and this is the perfect Opportunity to connect with everybody again. I'm friendly happy and supportive I think most people around here know me... Well I know them and it's a little creepy if they don't know me cause then I look like a creeper... Ok I'm babbling! I know This new season of NS will be just as great as the first! I have a feeling I'm forgetting to say something... Eu I'll think of it later :P
~Slider94, ready for a totally chill fun summer

Y27s said...

Whoa, Frosty! You're back again!

My peng name is Y27s.

I've been a 2-month member.
(Nov 2010 + Jan 2011)

Club Penguin = 2008 (Fall Fair)

I'm unpredictable. I'm not sure if I'm weird.

PS: I'm not sure if I could make it to the cut 'cause school starts now in our country.

But I'm still willing to join.

~Y27s, 13

Anonymous said...

hey its owl i would like to join my penguins 865 days old -owl1096

Penny Mickey said...

Guess whoooo? Hahaha, it's Penny!! (Mickey, duhh.) (But not like that creepy stalker mouse thingy.) (But I am a stalker.) (But not a stalker-stalker, like creepily, like loveness stalkerness.) (Why am I doing this all in parentheses?)

Well... I'm Penny!(: I'm 13, but in June I'll be 14. I've been playing Club Penguin for about 4 years. At school and stuff, I'm super shy, but here I'm CRAZZZYYYYY!!! (But you guys already knew that lol.) I like writing, drawing, reading, and like, other stuff lol. I guess I'm pretty smart, and I did fairly well in SBS and other gameshows I've been in. I try to be a good person, and I want to be friends with everyone. Oh, and I SUCK at all sports. (Besides Ladder Golf... if that counts lol.) OOOOH OOOH OOOOOHHHH!!!! I HAVE A STALKER, WHICH IS THIS GUY I REALLY LIKE AND YEAH. HEHEHE. (: Haha, well you guys already mostly know me... so yeah.(:

I guess you could say "I'm just Penny." (:

I reeaaaalllyyyyy wanna be in this season; I know it'll be soooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot of the people who want to be in it, so that'll make it even better. And just having you back is AAMMMAAZZIINNNGGGGGG!!!!! (: We've all missed you, gangsta Frosty. (:

And I thought Bob died?!!?!?! Lol, Penny is so out of it. Haha, well welcome back to life Bob. ;)

I guess that's it!! And you best put in the season, or you'll be hearing from my lawyer. Which is Hedge. And you know how good Hedge is with that lawyerish stuff. (:


Lemon2608 (Daddy's Gal) said...

I am Lemon2608, I have played CP since it began, and once barley missed the Beta Party(I was like, 5, I get stuff wrong). I like acting, singing, dancing, playing on my laptop, skateboarding, biking, electric-scooter-riding, horse-back riding, cooking, goofing off, and WOW that's a LOOOOOOONG list. I'm 10, BTW. I live in the U.S.(time-zone CST) and have always been a fan of this place!!!!

Kellie said...

Yo yo yo Frosto, how's it goin dude? ;D
Kellie here, willing to sing up for NHS! (NHS, all medical stuff here is NHS. Lol, sorry had to point that out. :P Random usual old me :P)
I'm fourteen, heading on fifteen. As you already know, since you wished me happy birthday last year, with "Happy birthday dude, eat, drink, sleep, have a good day." :P See I remember.
I've been playing Club Penguin just after Beta was out, yes I missed it! :O My old account was PinkLady, I had to quit as my parents got mad, because it was a "Chatroom," so I've been around the CP world since I 9 years old.

I'm fairly familiar with challenges, as I came to be in the final four, of CPCollege. I would have made final 3, if I hadn't saved my Alliance leader.

I hope I can be in this season, as I'd love to compete again and possibly make several new friends! :D
Thank-you for reading!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Frosty! :D

My name is Andy the Lego and I'm a huge CP and virtual world fan :P I love animals, playing outside, taking walks in nature, and chatting with friends! I joined CP in 2006 I believe...It's hard to keep count! xD I'm 13 years old and I live in Ohio. I'd love to be on your gameshow! :D

~Andy the Lego :)

Bobafet22 said...

Hey my name is Bobafet22 and I have a very successful blog and I love to hang out, outside and I have some amazing pets of which I love:-) that's it, hope I win.

Anonymous said...

Yo my CP name is PeinUchiha13. I like playing CP, Uberstrike and I am a Beta tester... Hope I can JOin

ClubpenguinMB said...

HEY I like GAMSHOWS....UHH WELL HMM my cp name is Mister boo1 or MB uhh well you get the point please let me be on this gameshow...Lately ive been bored of cp and hoping this will make me like it again im a drummer in real life and in CP....And hopefully get a chance to meet G billy this music jam 2011.....Please Please i am hopeing to be on it even if i dont win Ohh and im close to being a 1000 days old on cp so this game show would be a real celebration
Lol and one more thing is Ive met everyone famous and you are on my buddy list no kidding check im Mister boo1 and i have a friend frostylittle who is famous maybe thats you.. Anyway thank you for reading this LoL signed Rookie~ kidding Mister boo1

Wii Wii Wii1 said...

Hello frosty it is Wii.
Now i really want to be in NS very badly becuase i need to finish what i started like 1 and a half years ago. I am 12 and I am not as crazy as i used to be and i quit club penguin but i will come on to play NS becuase it is SUPERAWESOME and i am not playing for any membership. I love survivor games im addicted to the tv version so please include me in NS season 2 i nearly forgot again

Wii i want to be in very very very badly lol

Anonymous said...

can i join plz

Cammycam09 said...

Hiya! I'm Cammycam09 here and on Club Penguin too!
I'm 13 in real life and EXACTLY 580 days old on CP :P Although, I've been playing CP since it came out but forgot my first penguins password :( But, I don't like to think negatively! :D Most people who know me would say I'm totally random, hilarious and I always look on the bright side! (It's always better anyway) I hope I get into this season because it looks AWZUM! >_< LOLz :D

Frostylittle said...

Anonymous said...
can i join plz

June 2, 2011 12:33 AM


I can't let you join if I don't know your name. Please leave another comment with your name, so you'll have a chance to join! ;-)

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

Polar Amigo here... I just wanted to say that I have officially signed up for the next season of N.H.S.


The green avacado will always reign supreme over the red apple...

That's all I have to say..

Yours truly,
Polar Amigo...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Frosty! Hi im stinkysox3 you can call me stinky or sk8er doesnt matter.i watch cpschool,cpn and lots of other cp video's.Im on youtube.you will probley find me on frosy's chat or cpschool's chat or some friend's chat or somewhere.i would love to be in the show this season with hedgehog14,slider94,frosty,Tim250 and everyone else! -stinky

PeinUchiha13 said...

PeinUchiha13 here again please let me be in the game.. i had an old account which i played for 4 years but now it was hacked cause they probably got it cause i posted Club Penguin puffle party 2009 tour... please.

World Life said...

Hehe Im An Old Creeper Here Most People Hate Meh *Looks At Alexa* Haha JK But Yeah I Saw The Comment On My Blog To Come Here And Join So Yeah Im Here... (D)

Im World Life, WL, Or Most Known On Twitter As WLCPS.
Im A Famous Club Penguin Blogger With Over 50,000 Hits! I Have 700+ Followers On Twitter. I Known For Making Graphics, I am One On The Best As People Say. Im 14 Almost 15. Ive Been On Club Penguin For 4 Years. I Keep My Password Safe And Un Hackable *Looks Ad Alexa* Umm Ive Changed Ive Matured And Got Neutered! JK But Ive Changed A LOT Ive Been Known As A Creep Or The Banned Person Because Well... Everyone Hated Me. Im Looking Forward To This. I Know Most People Like Alexa, Hannah, Tim, Hedge, Mat And Slider. Im Funny I Guess. Yeah I Think Ive Said Enough I Feel Bad For You, You Have To Read This Huge Novel ^.^ LOL Ok Well To Contact Me The BEST Is Via Twitter @WLCPS Or By A Post On My Site! :) Bye!

Cammycam09 said...

Hey Frosty, I forgot to put how to contact me :P My Twitter is the best way to contact me! :D @Cammycam09 I can't wait to find out who's in! >.<

Jenny said...

im jenny,
im 15. i rule!XD
i LOVE art, especially drawing
i have a club penguin member ship that will rin out at the end of summer :p
My user name for club penguin is:

im about 1452 days old in cp...
i love that game!
please?? with a club penguin cherry on top? ;D
PS: i like cows and cp ;P

Anonymous said...

btw frosty the way to contact me is on xat. -stinkysox3

Anonymous said...

Hey Frosty!I'm PS2, been playing CP for about two years tops, I would love to be in this season, because I would be with my Ultra Spiffy friends, like Andeh, Slider, and Hedge. Oh, brb, gotta go kill some cogs! :D Bye!

I Am Haribo - Call me Rachie said...

Hey Im I Am Haribo and ive played cp for 4yrs now and i really enjoy it and ive been in some gameshows already

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, it's me Athletico96!! I spent 2 days ago very uh... emotionally about
why I shouldn't join NBS. Today, I just realized the REAL Athletico96 is here and he wants to finish what's he's started(Ya I know 3rd person talking). I was so happy when I decided to make this comment that I wanted to put this up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDWcmXXqcAo Sort of related to what I'm saying. So ya, to the point, I'm 14, live in Canada, uh... if I win I'll give the membership to Matbolabc who will most likely give it to his bro. I've currently been in a season and didn't do too well in it, part of the reason why I came back. Ok, well I've said everything, you guys all rock (even the ones who voted me out last year)!!! Laterz.

-Very happy Athletico96

Matbolabc said...

Athletico96 said...
"Sort of related to what I'm saying. So ya, to the point, I'm 14, live in Canada, uh... if I win I'll give the membership to Matbolabc who will most likely give it to his bro."

Athletico, I really do appreciate that, thank you so much :)
You really don't have to though, but I REALLY appreciate that.


Witty12 said...


I think it's safe to say that I've been one of your most eager, loyal and cheesy supporters.

I hope that all the 'frostyflakes' will enjoy my playlist - although it seems not to be working.

Additionally, I was the only British 'legend of cp' and am the only person allowed to wear a propellor cap on the show...BEWARE!

I have cheese balls...


Tiburcio said...

My CP Name Is Nitro 321 And I Want To Join Neghborhood Survival TO WIN IT. My e-mail Is Nitro321.clubpenguin@yahoo.com I Like To Play Cp And Chat Whenever Im On A computer.

True Waddler,
Nitro 321

XxPookiekinsX said...

Awwwwww! Matb is such a sweet heart!!

& I think WorldLife should get in!

Anonymous said...

Have just been re-reading the post a zillion times and I found one of the questions I just asked Frosty. Only 14 penguins will be chosen and so far over 30 pengs have asked to join... Hope u raise the number!


FretvCp said...

Hey Frosty,
I won't be applying as I have many other things to do but, I recommend one of my best buddies and one of my best authors Cammycam09. Thanks xD

Anonymous said...

It's Spud. I know I didn't get along with everyone, but I never meant to be mean. But now it's been about two years since I was here and I'm changed. I'm a nice, fun, enjoyable person. :)
I really hope I'll be picked because I want to prove myself to everyone here.
Here's hoping,

Sand Flipper said...

Hey Frosty it's Sand Flipper!
I'm 14, and a girl, obviously.. I started playing cp in 2006 and as you know i've been banned :( but I want to come back and have a blast with everyone, and enjoy cp for the last time... I've never entered your gameshow either, and would like to try it out and see how much fun it is as people say xD yep thats all i have to say... sooo... ya... :P

Sand Flipper~

Saavy (CPG Mod) said...

Hey frosty! saavy here, id like to join up again and re live the FIRST ever Club penguin game show :) Well, im a boy, im 16, i have been a top CPG mod for mimo for about 4 years now XD And im currently doing my REAL big exams right now, Im not as active as i was before because of my exams but once there done im back! :)So i hope i get in :)

Cheers frosteh! :D


Donnuh said...

Hey there Frosty!
I am 13. I am very sporty and like to have lots of fun. I have played CP for 3 years and also have 2 years of blogging experience. My penguin's age is 1412.
I have always wanted to take part in Neighbourhood Survival.

naomi1636 said...

Hiya! My name is Naomi and I'll tell you a few things.
State: Florida
Country: U.S.A
I've been on for at least 2 years.
9,(young, yes I know) And I REALLY hope I make it!
I am a girl. random, funny, cool, friendly. (at least I try)
Good luck everyone, too. :)

Marquizi98 said...

What's up I'm Marquizi98. I've been a member of Club Penguin about 4 years. I haven't been on in a LONG TIME, I'd say about 6-8 months.

I'm respectful, I love sports, I love school (skipped 3rd grade), I love playing drums. I could be the nicest person you know, but I CAN get so hyped and competitive, I do trash talk a little to be honest, but I do show great sportsmanship too and support my fellow teammates even I'm competing against. So I could tell this is going to be a great season and I'm ready for any challenge to be hurled at me so for my last words, bring it and good luck
Marquizi98, the greatest comeback ever (lol)

Farts73441 said...

i am 13 years old and i really like cp!i started this year in january so pretty much im new!my favorite sport is soccer. I heard about this website on a comment and it looked really cool! i wasnt on it last season but i really would like to participate in this contest!SOOO

Until Then......
Waddle On Cp!

posted by farts 73441 june 8,2011 8:41 PM

Farts73441 said...

Also i vote for Farts73441!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Put Penny Mickey and Matbolabc and Ron Champ in PLEASEEEE!

TheOneAndOnly said...

Hey, whats up?

Name's Joey. I'm 11 and I've been playing Club Penguin for about 6 years. I'm what you call a "computer geek" :/ Anyways, I've had a membership for like 4 years and I won't stop there. I've heard this show from my friends and they told me to go on it soooo there you go

fire139123 said...


I'm Joe (Fire139123) and I'm 11 yrs old, been playing CP for about 5 years now. I'm a nice guy but people tell me I have a dark side (kinda like an alter ego)but I dont see that. Im live in the U.S. I used to blog on Clubpenguinplanet.net and I stopped. I was the blogger Marvii and was the hottest penguin out there.... thats it i guess.... see ya!

Anonymous said...

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