Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Invitations Have Been Sent!

Hey Guys! Have you seen the pictures of the CPN team on the right side bar? Well if you click on any of them, they will lead directly to that penguin's bio! Now that is SWEEEEET!
In other words, I have sent some selected few penguins invitations asking them to join a summer event held by me. Here was the invitation:

Dear (Whoever),

You, and ten other penguins involved some how in CPN are invited for a Summer Eviction game that will take part this summer. Once a week, I will give each of the ten penguins a challenge. (usually some thing involving CP) Than, the one penguin that doesn't complete the challenge at all or performs poorly will be evicted. For this competition to work, you'll probably need an email or blog,(which you have) so I'll have proof for the challenges. I'll be hosting the competition, and it will be called Neighborhood Survival. It would be an honor for you to join. Do you want to join?

-Frostylittle, President of CPN.

P.S. Don't worry if you going on vacation for a week or so, I'll make sure your safe!

Most of the penguins who received this invitations are either part of the CPN team, have helped in making CPN or are advertised on this site. Here is the list of penguins who ARE INVOLVED WITH CPN.
3.Polar Amigo
5. Brownie Wen
9.Bob123456789 (First fan of CPGA)
10.Twilight (First follower of CPN)
Here is a list of people who were randomly selected:
3. Mimo777
And a few more penguins who I can't think of!
If YOU want to be in this Summer Challenge, Leave a comment and I'll be sure to squeeze you end! More info coming soon!
-Frostylittle, President of CPN


Anonymous said...

I will be a member.
by.BRUEN 5

Hedgehog 14 said...

ooo can i be part of it plz!?

Hedgehog 14 said...

im totally in!

Hedgehog 14 said...

my ad is on my site...copy it and include a link!..at least i think tht is how it works lol...

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