Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death 2:

"You've quit like 4 times... Why? Are you going to quit again Frosty? Huh? Are you?"

There's this tiny chapel down the end of my street. The windows are covered in illustrations of the ten commandments, and there's a large mural of the last supper plastered on the wall. My family is entirely Catholic, but we tend to visit the church only a few times a year. All of us could easily roll out of bed to attend the 9 o'clock mass. We have no excuses. 

The door creeks when I pull it open. I reach over to a cup of holy water and bless myself. My light footsteps echo throughout the room. There are 14 rows of wooden chairs, and all but one row remain empty. There's a man sitting towards the back. He has a thick black beard and is wearing dark sunglasses. A white robe covers his chubby body and a golden pyramid symbol hangs loosely around his neck.

The man seems so calm. His head follows my movement as I walk towards his row. I take a seat next to him, and I stair into his wrinkly face. The man smiles respectfully. He closes the large book resting on his lap, and gently pets my left cheek. I flip his hand off my left cheek in an aggressive manner.

The man removes his glasses, revealing a set of blood shot eyes. His cheeks are mighty red, even though the weather has been nothing but warm. He laughs evilly, and burps a blob of green smoke into the atmosphere. The smoke ruins my vision. Everything becomes a blur, and my body starts to cry.

My vision is reborn and I find myself in an orange dimension. The floor, the walls and the ceiling are one piece of matter. A (color here) penguin emerges into this world holding a knife. (He or she?) has (Hair?), and is representing Club Penguin with a (Shirt?). The penguin whips a knife towards my left cheek, and I manage to somehow spin the weapon back towards him. The knife bullets into the chest of the penguin, and he/she explodes into black pixels.

I wake up, and I am certainly breathing heavily. My pillow is covered in fresh drool, and my heart is beating too fast. There's this awkward pain in my left cheek. I hop of my bunk bed and flip the light switch. My cheek is bleeding heavily, and my fingernails appear to be covered in blood. Holy chapel, have I gone mad?

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood


Anonymous said...

who died? :S

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