Friday, November 18, 2011

Chapter 3: Penguinbook

"Yeah bud, hide at the gym for another 3 hours. That's all you got going for you anyway, just keep avoiding the drama. It's not like your involved in the drama or anything... You just caused it."

It is midnight. I'm home, my old sisters away and everyone upstairs is sound asleep. I spend most of the night resting, watching a few episodes of Entourage and flipping through On Demand shows. I get this sudden urge to hop into my internet dimension. Why not, right?

I whip off my fuzzy blue blanket and roll off the couch. I calmly walk over to my family's living-room, where our little computer station lives. I leap roughly onto our office chair and press on a wireless white mouse. The computer screen lights up and I comfortably log onto my Macintosh user.

I type in 'Facebook' and my loaded newsfeed appears. I hate the fact that I enjoy reading other people's statuses. Why do I have to care about the lives of my so called friends? Dominating the page is non other than the queen of Facebooking. She takes pictures of herself, complains about relationship issues in her statuses and has a new post on her wall every 3 seconds. Why isn't she such a big mouth in real life?

This girl drives me nuts. She's just like every other white girl in the city. She loves attention, I swear to you her parents don't acknowledge her presence around the house. The girl does whatever she has to in order to fit in. I'm totally different. I'm a complete individual, and that gives me a great deal of power in the high school world. Someday somebody just has to slap some common sense into that chick. Could I do the honors? 

She also just so happens to get with every boy imaginable. Jocks, nerds, musicians, skaters and every straggler in between. Girls love to brag about how they hooked up with so and so. The Facebook queen once famously announced, "She like hates me because I like got with her boyfriend!" I hate you because you just said like twice in a sentence. I refuse to like that status.

At the same time, she's just crazy hot. She has the perfect figure, the best behind and not a bad rack. I sometimes think about just cuddling with her, holding her close to my body. It makes me go mad. Why do I want this tart anywhere near me? I'm better than her and every other girl in all ways possible. I'm not bragging, it's true. I've been through hell in my life and I deserve to be proud of where I stand.  

I close the Facebook window and sign into the Frostyflakes chat room. Its empty, as usual. Some XAT.COM lurker private chats me and starts complaining about how I rigged a challenge. I wonder what I did wrong this time? A few other angry chatters message me so that they can sneak a piece of the drama. Every freaking internet dweller brings so much stress into my life.

I close the chat window without replying to a single penguin. I get off the computer chair and stomp my way into a dark kitchen. I carefully lay down on the wooden floor, and I begin to perform pushups. This is my way of dealing with the negative energy I receive from certain people. 

I wonder if you can bench as much as me?

The following information has been recovered from a variety of trustworthy sources

Late last night at around 1:30 AM, a penguin by the name of Athletico96 entered a private farm located north of Ice Palace. This shady area is home to Club Penguin's most wanted criminal, Witty12. Over the past few years Witty has earned billions of coins through the process of illegally selling rainbow painted puffles. According to local homeless penguins, Athletico entered Witty's farm carrying a galoon of gasoline. 

At 3:30 AM a mobster by the name of Cammycam09 walked through the farm gates wearing a cleanly washed tuxedo. At 6:30 AM that morning, the entire farm viciously exploded. This explosion caused 85% of Ice Palace's farms to burn into bits. It has been reported that these three penguins escaped and are wondering around the city of Ice Palace.

You will be given 20 minutes to scurry around Club Penguin!  Your job is to figure out why this explosion occurred. After the time is up, whoever has the best explanation for why this sudden explosion happened will win the challenge. (Use evidence!)

~Frostylittle, President of Club Penguin Neighborhood


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think I lost my voice (hugs).


Anonymous said...

You expect me to come to this? Yeah, no. I'm sick and tired of this game show for many reasons which are listed below:

1. Get over yourself. "Damn, who's that good looking guy in the mirror?" That's a great thing to listen to in every single post e.e

2. Corruption. It's always gunna be those few people who have an advantage because they worship you. What kind of host favors people in the gameshow and in many cases makes them win challenges??

3. Challenges. Most of the time you throw together challenges at the last minute and like I said above make people you want to win, win.

Those are just stating a few big flaws in your game show. I don't want to be in a game show like that. Why don't you get some advice from that one show...Oh what's it called...Oh yeah! CPSkool! I heard they are having a 5th season and have all the challenges PLANNED OUT! Just some advice for ya.


I don't want a fight, I just want you to know WHY I don't want to be a part of any of your game shows anymore.

Goodbye, Frosty.

-Andy the Lego

Pok├ęShadow76 said...

I applaud you, Andy.

Pok├ęShadow76 said...

Oh, btw, Frosty, if you want some respect from anyone, why don't you try showing some respect toward women? Truly, you sicken me.

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matbolabc said...

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Eviction game? What's that you ask...?

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~Matbolabc and Penguin874, Presidents of CPSkool

Matt said...

Hey, everybody. Penguin874 here...

I've noticed that for some reason people keep going after Frostylittle. Why would you do that? Just because he has such a huge ego he is just in another world, doesn't mean you should hate him!

Also, why hate his gameshow? Just because he quit it after less than 3 challenges and came back, doesn't mean it's worth hating. Also, who cares if a gameshow has unfair eliminations?

Who would want to be in a gameshow with fair wins and eliminations?

Psh...losers, obviously.

Tim said...

Ok, well I feel dissapointed.

I Tim250 have been on the side of Frostylittle for years, the gameshow was so fun! At the same time I also founded another Club Penguin gameshow. CPskool. I would always hang there. At one time I joined both, shcedules were made so they would not conflict. For the past year fights have arose between the 2. I never knew which side to take, because I never saw this side they always talked about in Frosty.

Recently I have seen it, in post where he talks about himself, the way he writes puts an impact on me, I'm not sure if its a good one.
The way challenges are done, they are unfair.

I Tim250 am droping out of this season of SBS. It did not please me. I thoguht it would be fun, but while I'm not at a challenge bad things happen. Fights arise.

You said that you quit, once again, for the 4th time, I thought it was over, you quit on me without a goodbye. But no, this time I'm going to quit on you for once, I'm sorry Frostylittle but you have lost a fan, a follower, and a friend until you change your ways (if you can).

I am joining CPskool once again with my "CPskool Family" If you can talk to them in the ways I've seen you talk through pictures, then you should be able to say it infront of me. You act nice infront of me, but a totally different side emerges toward them. They are all nice people and should be treated with respect. We are all human beings and no one is "Better then others" "Higher then them".

I Tim250 am no longer in CPN, and I am happy that I am not.

I tend to cause no drama, no fights, I just want it done with. I'm tired of coming on to a full chat just talking about the how YOU have acted. Actions can not be taken away. They stay in your mind.

Goodbye (ex-)friend :'(
-A disappointed in you... Tim250

Alexa said...

Toasty Timothy deserves ALL THE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Andre! He needs to learn some respect before females.

And GO TIM! :D I'm proud of you finally standing up to him :)

-Andy the Lego

Anonymous said...

Meh I meant for not before xD

-Andy the Lego

Wii Wii Wii1 said...

I would write a big comment about how stupid this is but I cbf wasting my time typing a comment about something as worthless as this.

~Wii~ aka frank638403784556 cpskool forever.

Anonymous said...

What Wii said! CPSKOOL FOREVER! :D

Wii Wii Wii1 said...

i read the comments from the last challenge and saw that i got voted out so i can't really drop out anyway yer.


Tim said...

I don't hate Frosty its just that I wish he would change his ways. This conflict has been going on for so long, and its just annoying. I don't know who's right, and I switched sides.

If you can change what you've done (unless this is how you like it) then I'll think about re-joining once again.

P.S. I am also not going to join CPskool Forever because I know I will not be able to commited to it.

Anonymous said...

You can be happy with who you are, I'm happy with who I am too. But I'm not telling the world it, because people should just know. Obviously you aren't to happy with what you are if you have to say it every chance you maybe try bettering yourself and stop making posts about how amazing you are. And just because you like yourself doesn't mean your better then all.

And I love how you say your better then every other girl, just girls?


Anonymous said...

Ok, well after several days, got my writing voice back.

All I can really say is I'm glad everyone is back together again :D Although, just not the way anyone would want to be together... Laterz.


P.S. Frosty, I never have hated you but, you need to at least say something? Wake up.

P.S.S. Sure some people don't like what I'm doing but, nobody deserves to crash and burn.

Hedgehog 14 said...

OK. its hedge,,,
Just in case ANYONE reading this cares, I am not getting involved in any of this mess, im just here for the challenge.
Hope to see everyone there..


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